International Humor and Satire Festival

Humor and Satire Festival, International

June, during odd-numbered years
Gabrovo, Bulgaria, may seem an unlikely place for the only festival in the world devoted to humor. This town, founded by a blacksmith in the 14th century, has a longstanding reputation for stinginess, and many jokes are told about the length to which its inhabitants will go to avoid spending money. The first humor festival was held there in 1967 in hopes of attracting tourism to the area. Now it is a 10-day event that features a procession of people dressed as their favorite comic figure, a parade of satiric floats, and competitions to see who can get the best laugh. More than a thousand participants from 50 countries—mostly cartoonists, filmmakers, sculptors, artists, and performers specializing in humor and satire—take part in the festival each odd-numbered year, which attracts more than 10,000 spectators.
House of Humor and Satire
68, Bryanska St.
P.O. Box 104
Gabrovo, 5300 Bulgaria
359-66-27229; fax: 359-66-26989
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