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Naghmana Zafar read well researched papers about safety of life at sea and the work of International Maritime Organization in this field.
NACE International has been selected for Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) status by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) Council.
It is worth noting that the UAE's National Transport Authority had recently awarded EIMA full accreditation of the courses and programmes it has on offer, which is a clear indication of the quality of courses and programmes on offer by EIMA and its commitment to global standards set by the International Maritime Organization (IMO).
Starting in 2003, worldwide law established by the International Maritime Organization forbids new application of tributyltin paint, the most potent of the common toxic hull paints and the type most often used on commercial vessels.
More than a year after the loss of the ferry Estonia and about 900 of its passengers in the Baltic Sea, the International Maritime Organization has decided not to adopt stringent new design regulations to improve ferry safety.
London, Dhu-AlQa'dah 01, 1438, July 24, 2017, SPA -- A delegation headed by Minister of Transport participated in the International Maritime Organization board meeting which is taking place at the headquarters of the International Maritime Organization in London from 24 to 28 July 2017.
US President Donald Trump's decision to remove the US from the Paris climate accord, which aims to prevent temperatures from rising 2degC above pre-industrial levels by curbing carbon emissions, is going to have a 'coordinating' effect on other countries to limit carbon emissions through the International Maritime Organization (IMO).
The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has decided to make it mandatory to weigh loaded containers before they're transported by sea.
Muscat, June 10 (ONA) The Sultanate represented by the Ministry of Transport and Communications will take part in the 92th meeting of the Marine Safety Committee (MSC), scheduled to be held after tomorrow (Wednesday) at the HQs' of the International Maritime Organization (IMO).
Minister of Transport Khaled Ibrahim al-Wazir returned on Saturday to Sana'a after participating in the 26th meetings of general assembly of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), which concluded its activities on Friday in London.
The initiative calls for the International Maritime Organization to establish more stringent global ship engine standards, introduces market-based incentives to further reduce emissions, and establishes a Clean Marine Award to promote low-emission shipping.
HE Secretary-General of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) Ki Tack Lim has received a message from HE Qatar's Minister of Transport and Communications Jassim bin Saif Al Sulaiti pertaining to the violations of the international maritime agreements by the United Arab Emirates, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Kingdom of Bahrain through the embargo they imposed on the Qatari navigation in contravention of maritime conventions and treaties, in particular the 1982 Convention.

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