International Rivers

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Rivers, International


in international law, rivers crossing several countries. Among the largest international rivers are the Danube and Rhine in Europe, the Congo and Niger in Africa, the Colorado and Rio Grande in North America, and the Amazon and Rio de la Plata in South America.

Riparian states have jurisdiction over the parts of international rivers that flow through their territory. This means that all foreign vessels sailing on international rivers must observe the rules of navigation established by the countries through whose waters they are traveling. The laws governing the use of the most important international rivers are established by agreements between all the riparian states. In these instances, the interested countries create special commissions to regulate navigation on the international river. Commissions are also formed to resolve problems relating to the economic use of the rivers, fishing, and pollution control. The USSR has concluded such agreements with Norway, Finland, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Turkey, Iran, and other countries.

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"Construction of large dams in international rivers such as the Nile or Mekong can contribute to tensions among riparian States and the wider affected areas," it said.
Considering that Kabul River plays a key role in irrigating the lands in Peshawar, Charsadda, Nowshera and adjacent areas, Pakistan needs to reach out a formula with Afghanistan on equitable distribution of shared water resources according to the principles laid out in Helsinki Rules on the Uses of Waters of International Rivers, 1966 and the UN's Convention on the Law of the Non-navigational Uses of International Watercourses, 1997.
Officially Bangladesh has 405 rivers flowing over it including 57 international rivers but due to low flow of water in lean periods and man-made choking of natural flows of rivers in many areas across the country people are not getting full benefits of riverine Bangladesh.
Ethiopia's Gibe III Dam, which was completed in 2016, and irrigation in Kuraz sugar plantations have already reduced water feeding the lake, said Africa director of lobby group International Rivers Rudo Sanyanga.
It has recently been advanced by the Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum in a rally to mark International Rivers Day in Hyderabad, and is worth taking a closer look at.
THATTA -- The fishermen of thatta took out a rally to mark the International Rivers' Day on Wednesday.
During the meeting, Shoukry briefed Munger on the latest updates and challenges on the GERD issue between Egypt, Sudan, and Ethiopia and expressed Egypt's keenness on benefiting from the technical support offered by the Geneva Water Hub in the field of cooperation between countries that share international rivers.
Maureen Harris of the NGO International Rivers said this is a concern given the 'clear need' for stronger standards and compliance for hydropower projects regionally.
During the meeting, they discussed the program of water resources management in the Nile Basin and the Slovenians' understanding of Egypt's concerns regarding the rules of international law governing the management of international rivers, Abu Zeid added.
Quoting Transparency International, International Rivers described the Bakun Dam in Sarawak as a 'monument to corruption.' It was built
The Mekong, Southeast Asia's lifeline that is running at a record low since late last year, is just one of the international rivers China has dammed.

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