International Rivers

Rivers, International


in international law, rivers crossing several countries. Among the largest international rivers are the Danube and Rhine in Europe, the Congo and Niger in Africa, the Colorado and Rio Grande in North America, and the Amazon and Rio de la Plata in South America.

Riparian states have jurisdiction over the parts of international rivers that flow through their territory. This means that all foreign vessels sailing on international rivers must observe the rules of navigation established by the countries through whose waters they are traveling. The laws governing the use of the most important international rivers are established by agreements between all the riparian states. In these instances, the interested countries create special commissions to regulate navigation on the international river. Commissions are also formed to resolve problems relating to the economic use of the rivers, fishing, and pollution control. The USSR has concluded such agreements with Norway, Finland, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Turkey, Iran, and other countries.

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Human Rights Watch, Friends of Lake Turkana, International Rivers, Survival International, and the Bank Information Center on Friday criticized criticized the world bank and accused it of applying the funds without proper Bank's social and environmental standards.
Chellaney (Center for Policy Research, New Delhi) highlights the long-term security implications of new political tensions surrounding transnational aquifers and international rivers in Asia, focusing in particular on the role of Tibet as Asia's water repository, water supplier, and rainmaker.
Under the current proposal, the dam will displace up to 12,000 people from 63 villages and flood critical cultural heritage sites," said the International Rivers environmental group, adding that the project already faced "violent opposition from the local Kachin population.
Croston, Hardy & Greys category product manager, has also been appointed captain of the England team, which also includes Robinson, for the Home International Rivers Championship on the Tees on June 25.
In all, 552 major dam projects are already under way, approved or proposed to tap the huge energy potential of the meltwaters of the Himalaya, according to the Mountains of Concrete report by the conservation group International Rivers.
Pollution in International Rivers," Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy (Contribu-tions) 3, no.
This according to a June report from the Berkeley, California-based International Rivers Network (IRN).
Anglers like Dean Kibble, captain of this year's Welsh team, has really developed this style of fishing - it is a technique that should do well for the Welsh Team at the International Rivers match on the River Wear in June.
The event, which is costing around pounds 400,000, is part of the International Rivers Festival organised by the NewcastleGateshead Initiative's Culture 10 programme and is partly funded by NGI.
A beginning could be the writing of a River Ethic to supplement existing documents such as The Helsinki rules on the Uses of the Waters of International Rivers, and the United Nations Draft Articles on the Law of the Non-navigational International uses of International Watercourses.
It is currently difficult to recognise large rivers of the past from relict sedimentary deposits or to structure management policies for long international rivers.
The proposal is consistent with the international agreements and laws that organise relations between the countries of international rivers.

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