International Telecommunications Union

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International Telecommunications Union

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(ITU) ITU-T, the telecommunication standardisation sector of ITU, is responsible for making technical recommendations about telephone and data (including fax) communications systems for PTTs and suppliers. Before 1993-03-01 ITU-T was known as CCITT. Every four years they hold plenary sessions where they adopt new standards; there was one in 1992.

ITU works closely with all standards organisations to form an international uniform standards system for communication. Study Group XVII is responsible for recommending standards for data communications over telephone networks. They publish the V.XX standards and X.n protocols. V.21 is the same as EIA's EIA-232. V.24 is the same as EIA's EIA-232C. V.28 is the same as EIA's EIA-232D.

Address: International Telecommunication Union, Information Services Department, Place des Nations, 1211 Geneva 20, Switzerland.

Telephone: +41 (22) 730 5554. Fax: +41 (22) 730 5337.

E-mail: <>, <> (Mail body: HELP).

ITU-T standards can be obtained by FTP from Korea; UK - Imperial, HENSA; France - INRIA, IMAG; Israel; FTP USA: UUNET, gatekeeper,; Australia; Germany; Japan;
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(International Telecommunication Union, Geneva, Switzerland, A telecommunications standards body that is under the auspices of the United Nations. Comprising more than 185 member countries, the ITU sets standards for global telecom networks. The ITU's Telecommunications division (ITU-T) produces more than 200 standards recommendations each year in the converging areas of telecommunications, information technology, consumer electronics, broadcasting and multimedia communications. In 1992, the ITU was streamlined into the following three sectors:

ITU-D (Telecommunication Development)
ITU-R (Radiocommunication)
ITU-T (Telecommunication Standardization)

A Lot of History: CCIT, CCIF, CCIR and CCITT
The International Telegraph Union was founded in 1865 to promote the electric telegraph, which was invented in 1837. During the next 55 years, the telegraph flourished, and telephone and radio were pioneered. In the 1920s, three "Consultative Committees" were created: CCIT in 1924 for International Telegraph; CCIF in 1925 for International Telephone, and CCIR in 1927 for International Radio. In 1932, the word Telegraph was changed to Telecommunication in the ITU name.

In 1956, CCIF and CCIT combined into CCITT (International Telephony and Telegraphy), which subsequenlty became ITU-T in 1992. CCIR and the International Frequency Registration Board (IFRB) were turned into ITU-R, and the Telecommunications Development Bureau became ITU-D.
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Representative of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) Bilel Jamoussi pointed to the importance of exporting the concept of cloud computing, particularly to African countries, given the advantages it offers to citizens and companies.
At the International Telecommunications Union meeting in Geneva in July, the U.N.
CDMA2000 1X, a 3G standard approved by the International Telecommunications Union, is considered to be a highly efficient and cost-effective path for NMT-450 network operators to deliver more advanced digital services.
Cuba's Foreign Ministry said in the Communist Party daily Granma that it was also protesting to the International Telecommunications Union, which oversees radio frequencies worldwide.
The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) reports that the growth in cellular subscribers has now overtaken fixed line telephones and is growing 1.5 times faster.
How sad that Sperling did not get more support and acknowledgement from his fellow CEOs, many of whom have fought similar battles with entities such as the Federal Communications Commission, the International Telecommunications Union, or the Food and Drug Administration.
ETNO calls on the European Commission to maintain its ongoing effort to cooperate with Latin American authorities, extending existing initiatives for regulatory co-operation between the EU and Latin America (such as the EU-Mercosur meetings on Telecommunications or the meetings between operators and regulators organised by multilateral organisations like the International Telecommunications Union).
"No news is good news," International Telecommunications Union spokesperson John Tar told Reuters, "all I can tell you is that I did not hear a single squeak from our Year 2000 team today on anything untoward on nine nine ninety nine." The Four Nines non-event has been interpreted as an encouraging indication of how software will cope with the next two 'calendrical' anomalies: the new millennium on 1/1/00 and a once-in-every-four-hundred-years leap year day on 2/29/00.
This year theme Abdullah Hamoud Al Barwani, general manager of Infrastructure and e-Services Division at the ITA talked about the impact of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) to urge the world to build bridges of communication and dialogue with each other and promote the use of the Internet and other information and communication technologies with the aim of bridging the digital divide between individuals on one side and between countries on the other side.
NNA - Caretaker Telecommunications Minister, Nicholas Sehnaoui, took part in the International Telecommunications Union's conference which took place in the Thai capital of Bangkok from the 19th till the 22nd of November.

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