International Telecommunications Union

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International Telecommunications Union

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(ITU) ITU-T, the telecommunication standardisation sector of ITU, is responsible for making technical recommendations about telephone and data (including fax) communications systems for PTTs and suppliers. Before 1993-03-01 ITU-T was known as CCITT. Every four years they hold plenary sessions where they adopt new standards; there was one in 1992.

ITU works closely with all standards organisations to form an international uniform standards system for communication. Study Group XVII is responsible for recommending standards for data communications over telephone networks. They publish the V.XX standards and X.n protocols. V.21 is the same as EIA's EIA-232. V.24 is the same as EIA's EIA-232C. V.28 is the same as EIA's EIA-232D.

Address: International Telecommunication Union, Information Services Department, Place des Nations, 1211 Geneva 20, Switzerland.

Telephone: +41 (22) 730 5554. Fax: +41 (22) 730 5337.

E-mail: <>, <> (Mail body: HELP).

ITU-T standards can be obtained by FTP from Korea; UK - Imperial, HENSA; France - INRIA, IMAG; Israel; FTP USA: UUNET, gatekeeper,; Australia; Germany; Japan;
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Libin has represented the United States on satellite and transmission issues at the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) and the telecommunications arm of the United Nations, and he has served as a member of the FCC Advisory Committee on Spectrum scenarios.
ATIS today announced it has developed a North American framework of requirements for Next Generation Networks (NGN) and will work with other regions through the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) to develop a global definition and set of standards for NGN.
According to the International Telecommunications Union, 94 percent of all Internet subscribers in South Korea subscribe to broadband, a rate that is approximately three years ahead of the global average.
350 "Directory Services Architecture for Multimedia Conferencing" standard ratified in August 2003 by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU-T).
Major John Ray Kwabena Tandoh, Acting Director-General of the National Communications Authority of Ghana, Chairman of the African Regulators Network, and Council Member of the International Telecommunications Union, will also be a featured speaker.

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