International Union of Geological Sciences

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International Union of Geological Sciences


An international scientific union of geologists.

The union was founded in 1960 in Copenhagen at the 21st session of the International Geological Congress. In 1968 the union had 60 member countries, including the USSR. The union assists international cooperation in a number of geological and related sciences and renders assistance in the organization of the sessions of the International Geological Congresses. The union is part of the International council of scientific unions. It is supported by membership dues and UNESCO subsidies. Its official languages are English, French, German, Italian, Russian, and Spanish. Since 1967 it has published a quarterly journal in the English language.

Membership in the union is open to national committees of geologists, academies of science, and other organizations of geologists appointed by various governments. The council, which includes one representative from each member country, is the directive body of the union. Sessions of the union meet once every three or four years, usually at the same time as the International Geological Congress. The union executive committee, which consists of one president, six vice-presidents, the ex-president, the general secretary, and the treasurer, directs the activity of the union between sessions. The union’s headquarters is located at the residence of its general secretary.

The union works with the aid of internationally staffed standing commissions of the various branches of geological science and of committees on the history of geology, geological documentation, geological teaching, and so forth. The union also includes international associations of hydrologists, sedimentologists, mineralogists, and other such specialists and the International Paleontological Union. A number of international scientific projects (such as a study of the upper mantle and the geodynamic project) take place under the sponsorship of the union and at the same time are being conducted by other scientific unions.


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L'International Geological Congress, l'International Union of Geological Sciences, et l'International Geoscience Program (IGCP) en sont d'autres exemples.
For most of the first twenty years of its existence, AGID received an annual grant of $100,000 from the Canadian International Development Administration (CIDA) but since 1996 the only sources of income have been membership fees, a small annual grant from the International Union of Geological Sciences, and occasional grants for specific projects.
The IGC is a nonprofit scientific and educational organization which meets every 4 years in collaboration with, and under sponsorship of, the International Union of Geological Sciences (IUGS).
This new international multidisciplinary earth science initiative was conceived by the International Union of Geological Sciences (IUGS), which represents about 250,000 geoscientists from 117 countries, and has been endorsed by UNESCO's Earth Sciences Division as well as by participants at the International Geological Congress in Florence.
At the time of his death, Bill Hutchison was Assistant Deputy Minister (Earth Sciences) of Energy Mines and Resources Canada, President of the International Union of Geological Sciences, a Member, General Committee, International Council of Scientific Unions, and a Director, Circum-Pacific Council on Energy and Mineral Resources.
In 1973, while serving as President of the GAC, he also began providing leadership to other organizations, in Canada, as a Director of the Canadian Geological Foundation and as a Member (and subsequently as Foreign Secretary) of the Canadian Geoscience Council (CGC); and internationally, as Chairman of COGEODATA, the Committee on Storage, Retrieval and Processing of Geological Data established by the International Union of Geological Sciences (IUGS).

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