International Vinegar Festival

Vinegar Festival, International

Mid-June Saturday
The International Vinegar Festival, a celebration of the sour liquid condiment, takes place every year on one Saturday in mid-June in Roslyn, S.Dak. The family-friendly day features a parade, live entertainment, cooking demonstrations, a handicrafts market, and food vendors. Participants can enjoy such activities as a vinegar-tasting party and making crafts from vinegar bottles. A centerpiece of the festival is billed as the "mother of all vinegar contests," with vinegars from around the globe presented for judging to a panel of chefs.
The festival was launched in 2000 as a means to help the tiny town of Roslyn stay economically vibrant. A committee called CARE (Committee for the Advancement of Roslyn and Eden) sought a niche to draw visitors, and they found it thanks to a local writer named Lawrence Diggs, also known as "Vinegar Man." A food scientist, he is a collector of vinegars and the author of Vinegar: Appreciating, Making, and Enjoying Vinegar . He helped to found a vinegar museum in Roslyn, housed in a building donated by the city, which has been featured by such prestigious food journals as Bon Appetit and Gourmet.
Vinegar Man
P.O. Box 201
Roslyn, SD 57261
Vinegar Connoisseurs International
104 W. Carlton Ave.
Roslyn, SD 57261
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