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(aerospace engineering)
The space occupied by an aircraft formation or used in a maneuver.
The area around an airplane in flight that is considered an integral part of the plane in order to prevent collision with another plane; the space depends on the speed of the plane.
Of or pertaining to both the earth's atmosphere and space. Also known as aerospace.
The portion of the atmosphere above a particular land area, especially a nation or other political subdivision.



in law, the atmospheric expanse over the land and water territory of a state. It is under the sovereignty of the state and is part of its territory. The border of the airspace is a plane perpendicular to the land surface extending along the line of the land and water borders of the state. The altitude limit of the airspace is not defined.

The extension of the state’s sovereignty over its airspace is formulated in multilateral and bilateral international agreements, as well as in the internal legislation of the state. Sovereignty over the airspace means complete and exclusive authority of the state within its airspace: all flights of foreign aircraft within the airspace can be made only with the con-sent of the state in question and in accordance with the laws and rules established by it (such a consent is usually formulated in a bilateral or multilateral international agreement). While within the airspace of a state, a foreign aircraft to some extent falls under the jurisdiction of this state (including the obligation to observe passport, customs, sanitation, and other rules).



The space in the air above the surface of the earth or a particular portion of such space, usually defined by the boundaries of an area on the surface projected upward. Airspace is much more limited than aerospace.
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On March 2 NATO fighter jets intercepted one Il-20 flying through international airspace from Kaliningrad to mainland Russia.
The Government should take a more robust approach in making clear to Russia that secret incursions by military aircraft into international airspace near to the UK is not acceptable.
The ICC chief prosecutor, Luis Moreno-Ocampo, has warned in the past that any plane carrying Bashir in international airspace could be intercepted, though the court has no enforcement apparatus of its own.
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He said that the Bears flew in international airspace from the Barents Sea to the Atlantic, then turned back.
Yet some Cuban-American lawmakers want to let the plane fly in international airspace, making it even harder on the Cuban jammers.
They must be integrated into national and international airspace, their costs must be kept in check, and the C4ISR systems they depend on are vulnerable to attack and use an incredible amount of bandwidth.
Under the Communication Navigation Surveillance/Air Traffic Management (CNS/ATM) program, Northrop Grumman will install hardware and software that will allow the aircraft to operate in increasingly restrictive domestic and international airspace.
The new command also is charged with providing functional area support to meet the Army requirements for airspace and air traffic services to operate in joint and combined environments and in national and international airspace.
During the nine-hour flight, the aircraft was scheduled to head down the Asian coast to the South China Sea to conduct a signals intelligence gathering mission in international airspace northeast of the Chinese island of Hainan and north of the Philippines.
Military overflights through the 100,000 square miles of international airspace and the domestic airspace controlled by the IAA are exempt from paying the normal en-route and communications charges.

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