Internet Access Provider

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Internet Access Provider

(networking, company)
(IAP) A company or other origanisation which provides access to the Internet to businesses and/or consumers. An IAP purchases an Internet link from another company that has a direct link to the Internet and resells portions of that bandwidth to the general public.

For example, an IAP may purchase a T1 link (1.544Mb/s) and resell that bandwidth in chunks consisting of ISDN (64Kb/s, 128Kb/s) and analog modems (14.4Kb/s, 28.8Kb/s). The IAP's customer base is likely to include both businesses and individuals. Individual customers usually connect to the IAP via a modem and telephone line to a (preferably local) point of presence.

An IAP may also be an Internet Service Provider.
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(1) See in-system programmable.

(2) (Image Signal Processor) See image processor.

(3) (Internet Service Provider) An organization that provides access to the Internet. Also called an "Internet host," an ISP connects to users via cable, DSL or FiOS; however, ISPs can also deliver service via satellite, dial-up, ISDN, private lines and wireless. Customers are generally billed a fixed rate per month, but other charges may apply. Some ISPs have a limit on the amount of data transfer per month and charge extra for overage (see data cap). See The World, DSL, cable Internet, FiOS, T1, T3, WISP and SISP.

Your Own Website
ISPs often host a small website for their customers, allowing them to have a presence on the Web. However, the website may be limited to a maximum number of pages, and the domain name of the ISP becomes part of the customer's URL address. For a fee, an ISP may host a website that uses its customer's proprietary domain name (see Web hosting). See download vs. upload, IXP and backbone.

The Cellular Carrier Is Your ISP
For smartphone users, the ISP is the cellular carrier, such as Verizon and T-Mobile. Monthly plans are available for unlimited data or per gigabyte. See carrier data plans.

How They're Connected
Small ISPs hook into regional ISPs or directly into major backbone providers. This diagram shows a local ISP confined to a single county, and a regional ISP confined to a state. In practice, ISP networks often have irregular boundaries that span jurisdictions.

ISP Architecture
This diagram shows how a typical, small ISP might be connected to the Internet.
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The "Internet Access Providers Meta List" (see below) has lists of Internet service providers around the world.
So US businesses can keep their Internet line open all day and are only charged by the Internet access provider, with whom they can negotiate a flat rate.
NEC's Biglobe will be the internet access provider.
Freeserve was launched as a free Internet access provider in September last year, with Dixons giving away the CD-ROM disks at their High Street stores, which include the PC World chain.
At 6pm on Monday, Harry puts his neck on the line in the Daily Mirror's chat room on AOL, the world's biggest internet access provider.
The World Wide Web of the Internet is available to anyone who has an account with a computer communication services firm or with an Internet access provider. An intranet is a corporate network proprietary to a corporation that uses the same communications protocols, standards, and technology that define the World Wide Web, over the Internet.
buy a modem; find an Internet access provider; get intimately familiar with FTP, gopher, HTML and PDF; subscribe to some Usenet newsgroups and learn "Netiquette"; and design and launch a Home Page for your organization.
Nifty Corp., a Japanese Internet access provider wholly owned by Fujitsu Ltd., said Tuesday it has set its initial public offering price at 210,000 yen per share for its Dec.
is a high-speed data communications and Internet access provider that uses digital subscriber line technology to provide high-speed Internet access solutions to small and mid-sized businesses, primarily in second and third tier cities throughout the United States.
Since the Grid floated it as a separate company a year ago, it spent pounds 75 million buying internet access provider Planet Online in the autumn and is investing in a joint telecoms venture Metro Holdings with Deutsche Telekom and France Telecom.
SoftNet Systems Inc, a competitor to RoadRunner and @Home Corp, is to acquire Intelligent Communications Inc (Intellicom), a satellite internet access provider based in Fremont and formerly known as the Xerox Skyway Network.
So, I turned to a kind of matchmaker, called an Internet access provider, that could make the right connections for me through a dial-up account using regular phone lines.