Internet Engineering Steering Group

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Internet Engineering Steering Group

(IESG) A body composed of the Internet Engineering Task Force Area Directors and the IETF Chair. It provides the first technical review of Internet standards and is responsible for day-to-day "management" of the IETF.
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Internet Engineering Task Force

(c/o Corporation for National Research Initiatives (CNRI), Reston, VA, Founded in 1986, the IETF is a non-membership, open, voluntary standards organization dedicated to identifying problems and opportunities in IP data networks and proposing technical solutions to the Internet community.

The work of the IETF is done in working groups that are chartered to explore specific tasks. The groups are organized into areas, each with two directors. The directors, along with the IETF Chair, form the Internet Engineering Steering Group (IESG). The IESG charters working groups and evaluates the proposals they develop. Proposals for IETF consideration are submitted by individuals in the form of temporary documents called "Internet Drafts." If proposals developed by the working groups are accepted by the IESG, they are published as RFCs.

The IETF works under the auspices of the Internet Society, which provides a legal framework and financial support. A small secretariat, provided by CNRI, supports the work of the IETF. The Internet Architecture Board (IAB) is an IETF committee that provides architectural advice to the IETF and deals with IETF relationships with other standards organizations. The Internet Research Task Force (IRTF) is made up of research groups that explore new technologies, some of which are later proposed to the IETF. See BOF and RFC.
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The IETF mission includes identifying and proposing solutions to operational and technical problems on the Internet, specifying the development or usage of protocols and the near-term architecture to solve these problems, and making recommendations to the Internet Engineering Steering Group (IESG) regarding the standardization of protocols and protocol usage.
INTERNET BUSINESS NEWS (C) 1994-8 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD Recent changes to the Wassenaar Arrangement, an agreement that restricts the availability of encryption software, have prompted the Internet Architecture Board and the Internet Engineering Steering Group, two international groups responsible for technical management and standards for the Internet, to issue a joint statement detailing problems with the changes.
The widely used SSL Interact security protocol is to receive its first upgrade in two years, thanks to a wide-ranging revision by leading Internet/ecommerce security consultancy Skygate Technology will shortly go to the Internet Engineering Steering Group for approval as an Internet standard.

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