Internet Explorer

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Internet Explorer

(World-Wide Web)
(IE, MSIE) Microsoft's free World-Wide Web browser for Microsoft Windows, Windows 95, Windows NT, and Macintosh. Internet Explorer is the main rival to Netscape Navigator (which runs on many more platforms). Both support the same core features and offer incompatible extensions.

Microsoft combined later versions of IE with their file system browser, "Explorer" and bundled it with Windows 95 in an attempt to use their dominance of the desktop operating system market to force users to abandon Netscape's browser, which they perceived as a potential threat. This, and other dubious business moves, became the subject of a US Department of Justice antitrust trial in late 1998/early 1999.
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Internet Explorer

Microsoft's original Web browser, which has been included with Windows since Windows 95. Commonly called "IE," versions for Internet Explorer for Mac and Unix were also available for a number of years. IE has been superseded by Microsoft's Edge browser, and the last IE version (IE 11) will lose support from Microsoft in 2021. See Edge browser.

At one time, Internet Explorer was the most widely used Web browser on PCs. However, Chrome and Firefox along with several Chromium-based browsers eventually took the lion's share. See Chromium.

The Browser Wars
In the mid-1990s, Netscape's Navigator browser, which was paid software, became the de facto on-ramp to the Web. Recognizing the Internet's potential, Microsoft quickly developed IE for Windows and gave it away. As a result, Netscape was forced to make Navigator free, and both browsers vied for top place, each new version one-upping the other with new features. Since it came with every Windows PC, IE eventually overtook Netscape. See Web browser and World Wide Web.
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Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7 requires users to have at least Service Pack 1 installed.Microsoft offers direct downloads of the browserin 95 languages, though the company will automatically upgrade Windows 7 users to the new browser in the coming weeks via Windows Update .
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