Internet Public Library

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Internet Public Library

(IPL) A project at the University of Michigan School of Information and Library Studies to provide an on-line, 24 hour public library, chaired by an assemblage of librarians and information industry professionals. The library aims to provide library services to a target audience estimated to number 1/4 of the entire American population by the end of the century.

The Internet Public Library is scheduled to go on-line in March 1995. Among the first services will be on-line reference; youth services; user education; and professional services for librarians.


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Since its development in 1995 at the University of Michigan, the Internet Public Library (IPL) has provided students with hands-on opportunities in digital collection development and reference service provision.
The fairly good rankings of national and state library sites, as well as library portals such as the Internet Public Library and Victoria's Virtual Library, indicate that there is something in, or about, these sites which attract visitors.
This is true, for example, when one compares Librarians' Index to the Internet to the Internet Public Library.
The Internet Public Library has 270 entries related to William Shakespeare, including timelines, a biography quiz, genealogy charts, Shakespeare festivals, and Shakespearean tales told in language appropriate for young readers.
org/For information on Taft, including data on the 1912 election, log on to the Internet Public Library, www.
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net, The English Server (EServer), Google Books, The Internet Public Library, Million Book Project, Read Print, WikiSource, and World eBook Fair.
Other sources, such as the Internet Public Library (http://www.
We looked at several examples of query formats already on the web, including the Internet Public Library and several US public libraries.
For example, Susanna Davidsen of the University of Michigan reviews the history of her institution as well as the Internet Public Library (IPL) and several other Web portals.

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