Internet Service Provider

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Internet Service Provider

(company, networking)
(ISP) A company which provides other companies or individuals with access to, or presence on, the Internet. Most ISPs are also Internet Access Providers; extra services include help with design, creation and administration of World-Wide Web sites, training and administration of intranets and domain name registration.
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(1) See in-system programmable.

(2) (Image Signal Processor) See image processor.

(3) (Internet Service Provider) An organization that provides access to the Internet. Also called an "Internet host," an ISP connects to users via cable, DSL or FiOS; however, ISPs can also deliver service via satellite, dial-up, ISDN, private lines and wireless. Customers are generally billed a fixed rate per month, but other charges may apply. Some ISPs have a limit on the amount of data transfer per month and charge extra for overage (see data cap). See The World, DSL, cable Internet, FiOS, T1, T3, WISP and SISP.

Your Own Website
ISPs often host a small website for their customers, allowing them to have a presence on the Web. However, the website may be limited to a maximum number of pages, and the domain name of the ISP becomes part of the customer's URL address. For a fee, an ISP may host a website that uses its customer's proprietary domain name (see Web hosting). See download vs. upload, IXP and backbone.

The Cellular Carrier Is Your ISP
For smartphone users, the ISP is the cellular carrier, such as Verizon and T-Mobile. Monthly plans are available for unlimited data or per gigabyte. See carrier data plans.

How They're Connected
Small ISPs hook into regional ISPs or directly into major backbone providers. This diagram shows a local ISP confined to a single county, and a regional ISP confined to a state. In practice, ISP networks often have irregular boundaries that span jurisdictions.

ISP Architecture
This diagram shows how a typical, small ISP might be connected to the Internet.
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Instead of Internet service providers, portals and auctgion sites, Vinhaes says he will concentrate on vertical portals, education sites, reverse auctions and business-to-business websites.
Carlotta said his company was coordinating with government authorities and with other Internet service providers in tracking down the suspect.
Along with RCP, they are currently Peru's only three genuine Internet service providers: other companies offering Internet connections simply resell the services of one of the three.
It also means many of Brazil's 280 Internet service providers that depend on subscriptions for their revenues will vanish by next year.
The Information also alleges that INTERLOC "obtained and retained unauthorized copies of the confidential and proprietary password files and customer lists of its competitor Internet service providers."
M2 EQUITYBITES-March 20, 2018-PDX Partners to Acquire Equity Stake in Internet Service Provider NzingaNet
Nevertheless, zero-rating leads to selected traffic from the Internet service provider itself or affiliated providers being favoured above other traffic.
The news of a new high-speed Internet service provider comes about three months after a deadly tornado destroyed much of the city's infrastructure.

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