Internet appliance

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Internet appliance

(1) See Internet-connected appliance.

(2) An earlier computer specialized for Web browsing, e-mail and other Internet services. Also called an "information appliance" or "Web appliance," such devices cost much less than desktop computers and were designed for ease of use. Today's Internet appliances are Chromebooks, although smartphones and tablets run a huge number of Internet-based apps as well. See Chromebook, e-mail appliance, digital photo frame, digital photo frame, network appliance, server appliance, Internet TV, network computer and smartphone.

One of the First
In 2000, this Linux-based machine was dedicated to Web browsing. It had no hard disk, and files were stored on the Internet. (Image courtesy of The New Internet Computer Company)

The Ergo Audrey
The only product in 3Com's Ergo line, Audrey's functions were activated from buttons on the side. The touchscreen was tapped by finger or the clear, plastic stylus (holder on top of unit). Introduced in 2000, Audrey was dropped in 2001.

The "iLoo" Internet Toilet
In 2003, Microsoft's U.K. division announced a street-side, public toilet with access to the MSN network. There were also rumors of website ads on the toilet paper. Quickly shelved after the announcement, people thought Microsoft had lost its senses, but it was just a prank to advertise MSN. In England, a "loo" is a toilet.
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BEIJING, March 24, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Chinese action film "On Line" broke Internet box office records last month when it became the first film to have online revenues surpass box office takings less than a week after release.
Swisscom has developed a new Internet Box to support the new 1 Gbps speeds.
11 January 2011 - France's second biggest mobile operator SFR, owned by media and telecoms company Vivendi (EPA:VIV), will offer as of January 18 unlimited calls on mobile phones as part of its new Internet box Evolution.
Worldwide Computer Products News-31 July 2006-AMD ties up with Telmex to provide Telmex Internet Box PIC in Mexico(C)1995-2006 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
I connect it to the hotel room Internet box, then use my laptop anywhere around the room, or in the next room if I have a suite.
ANTRIM Coast can continue his prodigal son-like return to favour by taking the Unison TV Internet Box Handicap at Naas today.
Advanced Micro Devices (NYSE:AMD) today announced nationwide availability of the Telmex Internet Box Personal Internet Communicator (PIC) for citizens across Mexico.
70 yesterday at close in Paris amid rumors about the release of its new Freebox V6 Internet box.
In these times where most all big brand barcode printers are aggressively discounted on the Internet, VARs are continually battling with Internet box movers in their effort to maintain market share and to achieve even low double digit margins.
Futurenet's 8,300 independent sales representatives network among family, friends and new acquaintances to sell the $500 sets that include a hand-held remote and Internet box.
When the Internet box was unveiled last month, executives from Philips, Sony and WebTV said the new product would be priced for "mass market consumers.
At LSI Logic, we don't want to be in the Internet box business; we just enable others to be in the business.

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