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Web cache

(1) A folder full of Web pages in the user's computer that is maintained by the Web browser for a period of time. If the local, cached page has not been updated on the Web, it is retrieved immediately by the browser, saving download time.

(2) A computer system in a network that keeps copies of the most-recently requested Web pages in memory or on disk in order to speed up retrieval. If the next page requested has already been stored in the cache, it is retrieved locally rather than from the Internet. Web caching servers (or caching servers or cache servers) sit inside the company's firewall and enable all popular pages retrieved by users to be instantly available. Since the content of Web pages can change, the caching software is always checking for newer versions of the page and downloading them. Pages will be deleted from the cache after a set amount of non-activity. See browser cache, proxy cache, transparent cache. See also Akamai.

Caching Appliance
Holding up to 2TB of Web pages, this NetCache model is called a "caching appliance," because it plugs into the network and does only Web caching. (Image courtesy of Network Appliance, Inc.)
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Designed for a smooth expansion, Huawei's Internet Cache Solution enables us to exploit existing network facilities and provide more on-demand services to our users," he added.
Huawei's internet cache solution has been implemented by various telecom operators including M1 Singapore and China Mobile.
The program enables you to get rid of Internet cache files, temp files, duplicate and junk files, it costs $39.
Pionex, Quantex to Deliver Internet Cache Appliances for E-Business
EDGE-FX is a high performance Internet cache product that ensures fast, fresh delivery of Internet content and sets a new standard for Internet cache functionality.
EDGE-FX Cache -- A high performance Internet cache that now has Gigabit Ethernet support to deliver higher throughput.
Windows Internet cache, history, cookies, web browser drop-down address, Windows temp files, recent documents list, find history, run history to*.
With this complete package, Compaq is delivering breakthrough Internet cache performance that increases Web response time by as much as ten times, enabling customers to conduct more business at a lower cost," said Paul Gottsegen, Director of Industry Standard Server Marketing, Compaq North America.
It thoroughly and safely removes old or unwanted programs and the widest variety of files, including Internet debris such as ActiveX controls, cookies, browser plug-ins, shareware, trialware, GIFs and Internet cache files.
CleanSweep's Fast & Safe Cleanup feature provides one-button and scheduled cleanups of several safe file types such as Recycle Bin files, temporary files and Internet cache files.
Provides Exclusive Technology for the Cleanup of ActiveX Controls, Cookies and Browser Plug-ins, as Well as One-button and Scheduled Cleanups of Internet Cache Files
Through its enhanced functionality, WinDelete 97 lets users easily manage their Internet cache and remove unneeded Internet downloads that often clutter disk space after access to the Internet.

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