Internet filtering

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Internet filtering

Blocking content coming into and going out to the Internet. Accomplished by firewall software residing in a stand-alone device, router or user's machine or in a filtering program in each user's machine, content can be blocked based on website address or Internet service. For example, users might be allowed access to the Web but not to transfer files (see FTP).

Websites and Internet Services
Incoming content can be blocked for specific users or for all users. Blocked websites can be recognized by their Web address (URL) or by elements within the URL. All Internet traffic is identified by port number, and an entire service can be blocked by this number. For example, websites use port 80 and file transfers are 20, 21 and 22 (see well-known port).

Outgoing requests to the Web can be compared with local and cloud-based databases of known malicious URLs. In addition, depending on company policy, lists of restricted website categories can be maintained such as shopping, news, streaming videos and pornography.

In the home, parents can restrict their children's access with special browsers and filtering programs (see parental control software).
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The "WebHawk Mini IoT Secure" platform, includes cloud access security (CAS), local area network segmentation security (LAN-SS), and web security and internet filtering. This new product and service bolsters new offerings for BluePrint Data and enhances the BluePrint Data intelligent cloud security systems enhancing our pattern recognition algorithms and capabilities for more real-time, intelligent Internet security decision-making.
However, new research from the Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford has found that Internet filtering tools are ineffective and in most cases, were an insignificant factor in whether young people had seen explicit sexual content.
In this article, we bring these two ideas together in the context of contemporary Internet filtering in Alabama public schools and libraries.
One of the main projects called Iran Proxy received $50 million in funding from the CIA and was used to bypass the state s internet filtering system.The objectives of Iran Proxy included getting access to Iran s information banks, penetration and sabotage in Iran s internet sites, fight against filtering in the country, creating security for internet users, creating a secure telephone and data communication ground.
"Internet filtering is a prior restraint on free speech and that restraint on the flow of ideas inhibit everything from democracy to economic development," said Ed Black, president and chief executive of the Computer and Communications Industry Association.
Governments in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) continue to clamp down on web freedom in the region, says a new study released by the OpenNet Initiative (ONI), a body which studies internet filtering and surveillance practices across the world.
He dismissed suggestions the proposal echoed China's aborted "Green Dam" project, aimed at introducing internet filtering software on all new computers sold in the country.
Despite of the criticism received of the Chinese government over its mandate to have computer-makers install the "Green Dam" Internet filtering software, the government has moved to recruit 10,000 volunteers to filter Internet Contents.
And for all the people getting upset about Internet filtering and those who threatens to move to Dubai - Do you know that Internet is even more strictly filtered in Dubai and that pork is only available in a select few supermarkets?
At Denver Public Schools, despite the presence of an internet filtering solution, more than 150,000 attempted visits to MySpace were made in both September and October of 2006 (see "Spaced Out," below).
Securing IT systems against the dangers associated with spyware and malware, instant messaging and peer-to-peer networks is the main driver for companies to purchase an Internet filtering solution, according to a recent online poll conducted by St.