Internet gateway

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Internet gateway

(1) See cable/DSL gateway.

(2) Another term for "router," specifically when the router is in a local network, and its primary purpose is to forward packets to the Internet and receive packets from the Internet. See router.

(3) A router or server that converts IP packets to IPX, AppleTalk or some other non-IP format and vice versa. It is used to connect non-IP networks to the Internet.
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The Australian Chief Technology officer manages the Australian government s Internet Gateway Reduction programme, which is planned to improve efficiency and security plus reducing overall costs.
We're giving customers the opportunity to experience the benefits of McAfee Secure Internet Gateway on their own server, before making an investment in an appliance.
Telstra offers secure and reliable technology through the latest advances in Internet Gateway technology, alongside our ability to provide an end-to-end service via the Telstra Next IP network.
Our goal with Secure Internet Gateway is to provide unrivaled protection against Web and e-mail threats all in a single appliance that is simple to install and manage-saving our customers time, money, and hassle.
Internet gateway vendors will begin releasing products with UPnP support later this year.
Internet Gateway is a leading provider of narrowband Internet access to 1,800 customers in Missouri.
21 /PRNewswire/ -- MCI WorldCom today unveiled Frame Relay Internet Gateway, the first security-enhanced, commercial offering for companies to link frame relay networks with the public Internet to deploy seamless networking applications, including VPN-based intranets and extranets.
NYSE:MFE), the leader in Intrusion Prevention and Risk Management Solutions, and Secure Computing Corporation (Nasdaq:SCUR), the experts in securing connections between people, applications, and networks(TM), today announced that the McAfee(R) Secure Internet Gateway (SIG) and Secure Web Gateway (SWG) Appliances will use Secure Computing's SmartFilter(R) for Web filtering.
Vicomsoft Internet Gateway the First Software for Windows, NT & MacOS To
SAN DIEGO -- Systech Corporation, San Diego, an industry leader in the design and manufacture of Internet Payment Gateways for electronic transaction markets, today announced that it has received certification for its family of Internet Payment Gateways to the Merchant Link siteNET(R) Internet Gateway.
Internet Gateway announced today it is bundling Ding
For outbound email messages sent by an organization to its customers, Tumbleweed gives organizations the ability to automatically add digital signatures to outbound email messages at the Internet gateway.

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