Internet gateway

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Internet gateway

(1) See cable/DSL gateway.

(2) Another term for "router," specifically when the router is in a local network, and its primary purpose is to forward packets to the Internet and receive packets from the Internet. See router.

(3) A router or server that converts IP packets to IPX, AppleTalk or some other non-IP format and vice versa. It is used to connect non-IP networks to the Internet.
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"We take immense pleasure to release the advanced bulk SMS software (without internet gateway) for the promotion of the global business clients.
Currentware is renowned for developing simple intuitive solutions, and the NEW Internet Gateway adds to the portfolio of products with support for desktops, laptops and Mobile devices on all platforms including iOs, Android and Windows.
Cox Business Internet Gateway combines a DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem and a Wi-Fi-enabled 802.11ac router (enabling the fastest Wi-Fi speeds) into one device.
The MasterCard Internet Gateway Services (MiGS) is a reliable and secure e-commerce platform that will help businesses access millions of new consumers that use the internet and also allow them to tap into new markets," said Miebach.
"Transworld's decision to provide datacenter services at their internet gateway node was a game changer for us", says Monis Rahman, Chairman and CEO of ROZEE.PK.
The Internet gateway is the network facility that handles Internet traffic going to-and-from servers located outside the Philippines.
High definition live and on-demand video will become more prevalent on the Web, creating more sizable "video floods" that can take over enterprise WAN links and Internet gateways; 3D video on the Web will still be a novelty and have almost no impact on corporate networks, said Hawthorn.
In addition, companies with Blue Coat ProxySG appliances can benefit from bandwidth savings because software updates, such as those for iTunes, can be cached at the Internet gateway or branch office so that they only need to be downloaded a single time rather than for each person requiring one.
There are a number of different approaches that IT managers can take in order to ensure that their internet gateway is fully available for business use, rather than overwhelmed by online World Cup fever, industry experts say.
The company has offered its new solutions - AG2300 and AG5600 - which are customisable internet gateway options for exclusive Wi-Fi public access operation.
The Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) ordered the country's international Internet gateway providers to unblock the site after the company agreed to remove the obnoxious images and content.
<p>Business critical apps, branch offices and employee productivity <p>With the qualifiers now at an end, IT managers from organisations of all sizes up and down the UK will be bracing themselves for demands on their networks and Internet gateway that are potentially greater than anything in the past, particularly with the inclusion of England in next summer's tournament increasing employee interest.

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