Internet piracy

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Internet piracy

The illegal reproduction and distribution of copyrighted material on the Web. See software piracy.

SOPA, PIPA and the 2012 Blackout
On January 18, 2012, Wikipedia and thousands of other websites either went offline or displayed prominent messages to protest two Internet piracy bills pending in the U.S. Congress. The protests were effective as congressional proponents dropped their support the next day.

The House's Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Senate's Preventing Real Online Threats to Economic Creativity and Theft of Intellectual Property Act of 2011 (PROTECT IP Act) were written to "enhance enforcement" against websites that contain copyrighted content without permission, counterfeit goods or anti-DRM software as well as sites that link to them. See copyright and plagiarism.

Although they targeted overseas sites, opponents claimed the loosely written bills would promote Internet censorship as well as place a huge monitoring burden on search engines and websites that host user-generated content or simply have links to content. In addition, they would allow rights holders to take suspected infringers quickly offline without conclusive evidence. DNS blocking, the suggested method for redirecting traffic away from rogue sites was also a sticking point, with experts claiming it would be problematic. See Megaupload and Section 230.

Blackout Day
January 18, 2012 was a day coordinated to raise awareness. Whether sites went entirely dark or not, their combined messages reached more than 200 million people.
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Last month, the United States considered legislation that aimed at stopping Internet piracy. The bills had been written at the urging of Hollywood studios and the publishing and recording industries, which claim that violations of copyright on the Internet cost the United States 100,000 jobs.
The movie and music industries want Congress to crack down on Internet piracy and content theft, but major Internet companies such as Google and Facebook have complained that current drafts of the legislation would lead to censorship.
Wikipedia, the popular online encyclopedia, and many other websites went black on Wednesday as part of a protest against the internet piracy legislation being considered by the US Congress.
Earlier this winter, Silicon Valley's Internet powerhouses out-communicated Hollywood, stopped Internet piracy bills pushed by the big studios and even prodded the Republican presidential candidates and President Barack Obama to agree on something--that Hollywood's Internet piracy bills threatened the innovation of the web.
The court verdict marks a milestone victory for the holders of rights to media content, including Walt Disney (NYSE:DIS), Warner Bros, Paramount and 20th Century Fox, in their long-running struggle against Internet piracy.
The Internet piracy watchdog Hadopi, set up in 2009 to fight piracy and promote legal online sales, catches users by obtaining the specialist Vimplecom, part owned by Russian billionaire Mikhail Fridman.
A video conferencing on Overview of International Copyright Law (Berne Convention) Textbook infringement, software Infringement, Internet piracy and procedure and management of Court Dockets for Copyright case will also be held in collaboration with the US Department of Commence for the information and education of the trainees on Wednesday (September 29) wherein US Judge Damich will be the resource person.
He added: "No charts, no internet piracy and no stress.
She mentioned the recent Tera study funded by the International Chamber of Commerce, which states that the sector could lose 1.2 million jobs by 2015 if Europe fails to take action against internet piracy. The rapporteur said after the vote, however, that "there has never been any question of transposing the French Hadopi law into European law".
Participants will discuss issues such as the advent of digital video recorders, the threat these pose to the traditional 30-second ad spot, internet piracy, internet-delivered television, also known as IPTV (internet protocol TV), and mobile TV.
According to him, "we must not completely dissociate internet piracy from counterfeiting.
On the subject of intellectual property rights, Berman urged leaders in the Legislative Yuan to amend the Copyright Act to make internet piracy for profit a "public crime"--just as a 2003 amendment to that legislation criminalized illicit copying of optical discs such as CDs and DVDs.

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