Internet radio

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Internet radio

The distribution of audio broadcasts over the Internet. There are thousands of Internet radio stations that can be streamed to a software media player in a computer, mobile device, stand-alone Internet radio, media hub or media server. Often called "Webcasts," they come from myriad organizations as well as traditional AM and FM radio stations. If an Internet radio has built-in wireless connectivity, it may be called a "Wi-Fi radio."

Live or Canned
Internet radio may be streamed in real time along with regular AM and FM over-the-air broadcasts, or it may be a recording of a previous broadcast. In the latter case, the Webcast can be streamed at any point from the beginning. See media player, virtual radio station, RealAudio and Windows Media formats.

The First Physical Internet Radio
In 2000, San Francisco-based Kerbango, Inc. introduced the first physical Internet radio. Acquired by 3Com, which discontinued its Internet appliance division in 2001, the Kerbango radio supported major audio formats and could play MP3 files from a computer. (Image courtesy of Kerbango, Inc.)

Streaming Radio
Apple's iTunes jukebox plays Internet radio and offers a variety of stations for the user.
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miRoamer's Internet radio platform enables Mundu Radio, an Internet radio solution for mobile phones, PDAs and Pocket PC handsets, to provide end-users with a large and diverse choice of Internet radio content directly from their mobile phones.
The new standard, called IMDA Profile 1, aims to protect consumers by aligning competing technologies and future-proofing Internet radio product design.
iheard aggregates Internet radio stations from tens of thousands of worldwide providers, organizes them by genre, country and language, and provides highly relevant keyword search techniques.
According to a February 2003 study conducted by Arbitron and Edison Media Research, more than 100 million Americans have used Internet radio or video since the format became popular.
Internet radio talk show programs can involve an author in Los Angeles being interviewed by a radio station in New York.
Designed to provide access to Internet radio stations without the use of a computer, the battery-powered Ericsson Cordless Internet Radio H1000 can be placed anywhere in the home up to 100m from a Bluetooth access point that has broadband Internet connection.
Internet radio modules, integrating Wi-Fi, Ethernet and multimedia capabilities into a single module, have been introduced by Accton Technology (TAIEX:2345) (Accton), a provider of networking and communications solutions for networking, computer and telecomms vendors.

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