Internet radio

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Internet radio

The distribution of audio broadcasts over the Internet. There are thousands of Internet radio stations that can be streamed to a software media player in a computer, mobile device, stand-alone Internet radio, media hub or media server. Often called "Webcasts," they come from myriad organizations as well as traditional AM and FM radio stations. If an Internet radio has built-in wireless connectivity, it may be called a "Wi-Fi radio."

Live or Canned
Internet radio may be streamed in real time along with regular AM and FM over-the-air broadcasts, or it may be a recording of a previous broadcast. In the latter case, the Webcast can be streamed at any point from the beginning. See media player, virtual radio station, RealAudio and Windows Media formats.

The First Physical Internet Radio
In 2000, San Francisco-based Kerbango, Inc. introduced the first physical Internet radio. Acquired by 3Com, which discontinued its Internet appliance division in 2001, the Kerbango radio supported major audio formats and could play MP3 files from a computer. (Image courtesy of Kerbango, Inc.)

Streaming Radio
Apple's iTunes jukebox plays Internet radio and offers a variety of stations for the user.
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The ever popular Summit Racing Equipment I-X Piston Powered Auto-Rama celebrated its 53rd year in Cleveland and was joined by the highly popular local internet radio station WIXY1260Online.
She added that the Internet radio station wants to inform Filipinos on the latest updates on health and nutrition, while continually providing entertainment through different music types.
Zelker describes "Billboard" as more of a project, one that integrates the movie, a web series, an internet radio station and even live performances to support and cross promote each other to help build a fan base and funds to bring "Billboard" to life in a blend of fiction and real life.
EMPLOYABILITYUK has been chosen as the official charity partner of Duggystone Radio, a new internet radio station.
London, July 2 ( ANI ): Katie Price declared on her internet radio station 'Fubar' recently that she was sexually abused at the age of seven.
The actress and Radio Five presenter will be treating Two Valleys Radio to an acting master class to launch the internet radio station's drama project.
LEEDS manager Brian McDermott refused to be drawn on comments made by prospective owner Massimo Cellino in an inflammatory interview broadcast on an internet radio station. Cellino, 57, has papealed the decision by the Football League to be disqualified from completing a PS25million takeover.
The sound system come with six presets and the remote itself that can be personalised to your favorite Internet radio station, music channel or any stored playlist that can be easily selected with a touch of a button.
On Wednesday, June 12, 2013, Steven Svoboda appeared on Maria Sanchez' hour-long show, "The Maria Sanchez Show," on Los Angeles-based Internet radio station
We have recently moved into new premises in Barking and we will soon be offering training, work placements, volunteering and the development of social enterprise in our 24-hour internet radio station. Thanks again for your advice and support.
The Future of the Music Business: How to Succeed with the New Digital Technologies provides artists who would go pro with the tools for doing so; addressing everything from selling music online and using blogs and social networks to creating an internet radio station, opening an online music store, and more.
Radio Yemen Times and Radio 6 received the "Courage in Media" award for risking to broadcast under difficult circumstances, Radio Awal which broadcasts in Imazighen language received the "Diversity Award" for breaking the 40 year language restriction under Qaddafi and Palestinian station Radio Dahriya received the "Creativity Award " for organizing regular stores to broadcast on large speakers their internet radio station thus providing the public with badly needed information in their once ignored community south of Hebron.

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