Internet router

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Internet router

(1) A router within the Internet that forwards IP packets from one network to another. Same as "IP router." See core router and edge router.

(2) A router in a home or business network that is used to forward traffic to and from the Internet. See wireless router.

(3) (InterNet Router) Mac software from Apple that internetworks different access methods (LocalTalk, EtherTalk, TokenTalk, etc.). Residing in any network station, each Router can connect up to eight networks with a maximum of 1,024 networks and 16 million nodes.
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The NetIron1500 supports IronWare, Foundry's Internet strength routing and control software, making it seamlessly compatible with the NetIron400 and NetIron800 Internet routers, as well as the complete line of Foundry products.
Manoj Sisodia, Talwars' counsel, said as per Kanda's theory, the Internet router of Rajesh's computer was switched on from around 6 am to 1.30 pm on May 16, 2008, though he didn't use his Internet connection during that period.
CNN (TWX) rarely covers the introduction of a new Internet router, but it did on Tuesday, March 9.
92, where the school installed a mobile Internet router. This high-tech experiment lets students surf the Web and actually get some homework done.
The satellite also carries the IRIS (Internet Router in Space) as a hosted payload on behalf of CISCO (Nasdaq: CSCO).
The MediaCom SD Porto is less than 1 kg and is similar in size to an internet router. The SD card has over 13,000 songs covering English, Filipino, Hindi, Urdu, Tamil, Malayalam and other South Asian languages.
The company that pioneered the Internet router is about to enter a new frontier, sending one into geostationary orbit on a satellite.
The receiver can also wirelessly connect to a wireless Internet router.
The delivery includes Voice Mail and Short Data Service Centre (SDSC) services and Wireless Internet Router (WIR), according to the company.
A spam firewall is typically housed within the OW, between the internet router and the corporate email servel There are several different ways in which a spam firewall can be installed and deployed depending on the needs of the organization.
A two-layer epoxy powder-coated bus bar carries dc power from a power supply onto plated pads on a mid-plane for an Internet router. Mounted inside a circuit breaker tray, individual bus bars can be nested in a machined FR-4 frame to provide output connections.

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