Internet Service Provider

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Internet Service Provider

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(ISP) A company which provides other companies or individuals with access to, or presence on, the Internet. Most ISPs are also Internet Access Providers; extra services include help with design, creation and administration of World-Wide Web sites, training and administration of intranets and domain name registration.
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(1) See in-system programmable.

(2) (Image Signal Processor) See image processor.

(3) (Internet Service Provider) An organization that provides access to the Internet. Connection to the user is typically via cable, DSL or FiOS; however, ISPs can deliver service via satellite, dial-up, ISDN, private lines and wireless. Customers are generally billed a fixed rate per month, but other charges may apply. Some ISPs have a limit on the amount of data transfer per month and charge extra for overage (see data cap). See DSL, cable Internet, FiOS, T1, T3, WISP and SISP.

Your Own Website
ISPs often host a small website for their customers, allowing them to have a presence on the Web. However, the website may be limited to a maximum number of pages, and the domain name of the ISP becomes part of the customer's URL address. For a fee, an ISP may host a website that uses its customer's proprietary domain name (see Web hosting). See download vs. upload, IXP and backbone.

How They're Connected
Small ISPs hook into regional ISPs or directly into major backbone providers. This diagram shows a local ISP confined to a single county, and a regional ISP confined to a state. In practice, ISP networks often have irregular boundaries that span jurisdictions.

ISP Architecture
This diagram shows how a typical, small ISP might be connected to the Internet.
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'The ministry had excluded YTL Communications, and agreed to pay for the internet services to the 3 appointed ISPs although we had offered the services for free.
population with its home internet service if its merger with Sprint gains approval.
She said often customers complained of poor Internet service, yet the country spent a lot of money on the FTTX project to improve service delivery within government and other sectors of the economy.
The ministry and the National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (NTRA) designed a plan late last year to offer regional internet licences to be competed for by major internet services providers, including TE Data, Link, Vodafone, Etisalat, and Noor data network.
Internet service providers collect this information - including what customers search for, what websites they visit, what applications they use, what purchases they make and, in the case of mobile devices, even their physical location.
-- Supermarket chains and other retailers rate high in terms of the experience they offer customers, a study has found, while health plans and Internet service providers do not.
So if news of a Sony-backed ISP (internet service provider), called So-net Entertainment, launching the "world's fastest" home Internet connection makes you want to emigrate to Japan, we totally get that.
According to Internet Service Providers Friendship of Pakistan (ISPAK), the estimated Internet users are on the rise with its increasing trend of utility via mobile phones reaching the map of up to 15 million.
The sad news is while most cloud service providers have an excellent up-time availability, your local Internet service provider may occasionally have trouble keeping you connected to the cloud.
In Japan, nine leading Internet service providers account for about 70 percent of all the country's Internet service market.
The Group's satellites also serve a wide range of fixed and mobile telecommunications services, TV contribution markets, corporate networks, and broadband markets for Internet Service Providers and for transport, maritime and in-flight markets.

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