Internet speed

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Internet speed

The performance of an Internet connection, which is based on the number of bytes per second that data travels from the user's device to the Internet (upload) and from the Internet (download). Depending on the type of connection, the speed differs dramatically. The download rate is higher than the upload, because a short request to the website (upload) results in a much larger download of Web pages, images and videos.

Internet access via cable, DSL, FiOS and satellite is priced on maximum download/upload speeds. Pricing from a cellular carrier is based on bytes of data transfer in both directions (see carrier data plans), and the download speed can vary significantly depending on current location and activity.

Speed Tests from SPEEDTEST.NET
The top results were the Mac's Internet speeds measured from the SpeedTest website, and the rest came from the SpeedTest Android app. The Mac is wired to the Wi-Fi router, and the router is wired to the Internet via cable modem (see wireless router). Ping is the round trip time to transmit a packet and receive a response. Notice that the website reports Mbps, while the app shows Kbps.

Eight Miles Away
Cellular speeds can vary dramatically with the same carrier. The tests in the previous image were made in a rural location, while this one was taken in a small town.
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Poe noted the slow internet speed when a separate study, released by We are Social early this year, found that Filipinos spent more than nine hours a day on the internet, and about fours hour a day on social media in 2017 -- the highest in both rates among the more than 200 countries surveyed.
When it comes to mobile internet speeds, India ranks below its neighbouring country like Pakistan.
India is ranked 109 with a mobile internet speed of only 8.
Green line shows increase in Mobile internet speed throughout the year PHOTO: OOKLA
The watchdog said its role was to foster competition in the telco market, which would require more players to come in, a move that is expected to help ramp up the country's internet speed, deemed one of the slowest in Southeast Asia.
Our 100% fiber network under the AT&T Fiber umbrella brand lets customers choose from a range of internet speeds, all over an ultrafast internet connection.
Now, over the years, etisalat has upgraded its basic internet speed from 8mbps to 20mbps for the same price, which I am paying right now, that is, Dh359 for eLife (Asian Basic TV).
The report showed that Saudi Arabia ranked first in terms of internet speed in the Arab region, where the speed of broadband internet is estimated at 3.
Singapore holds its spot for the fastest internet speed of 125.
Cox's Gigablast service does this, delivering Internet speed and a great customer experience.
Latest figures show the typical internet speed in the ciy has risen by a fifth in the past year, with 92% of the capital now covered by superfast broadband.
The special administrative region of Hong Kong, which sits just south of the mainland, boasts the second-highest average Internet speed in the world.

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