Internet telephony

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Internet telephony

[‚in·tər‚net tə′lef·ə·nē]
Phone calls routed over the Internet by analog-to-digital conversion of speech signals.
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Internet Telephony

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Internet telephony

Synonymous with IP telephony. The terms Internet telephony, IP telephony and VoIP (voice over IP) are used synonymously. See VoIP and IP telephony.

Internet Telephony and VoIP
Both terms refer to carrying voice over an IP network; witness the cover of Internet Telephony magazine in 2004.
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INTERNET TELEPHONY magazine has been the IP Communications Authority since 1998[TM].
TMC publishes Customer Interaction Solutions, INTERNET TELEPHONY magazines.
Research by analysts Gartner says a third of people in the US and Europe will abandon phone lines in favour of internet telephony by 2009.
Awards were given to the "Top 100 VoIP Service Providers" as selected by INTERNET TELEPHONY and the IPCC.
The Internet Telephony award adds to a long list of industry accolades that Meru has received recognizing its innovation in delivering solutions that are purpose-built for wireless VoIP.
It is also investigating the prospect of supporting the session initiation protocol (SIP) unified message standard, with a view to adding Internet telephony services to Google Talk.
In addition, Mazda Motor reported its employees became unable to use Internet telephony services as well as in-house phone extension number services, officials said.
in offering their consumers the benefits of Internet telephony. In Japan, for example, more than 2 million people are already using telephone services that route calls over the Internet.
The latest country to cut off Internet telephony service to the U.S.
We have an outstanding solution capable of handling the enormous number of transactions that will be created by the emergence of mobile Internet services and the growing demand for IP services such as Internet Telephony and content," said Hasse Rasmussen, founder and chief technology officer, Digiquant.
Grijalva (Dallas Chapter) was named CFO of Worldquest Networks Inc., Dallas, an Internet telephony company, while retaining the position of CFO of Trinity e-Ventures Inc., the technology investment arm of Trinity Industries Inc.
NIST recently released NIST SIP VO.9, the first component in a planned suite of instrumented protocols and related test tools intended to serve the emerging Internet telephony industry.

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