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Internet time

In the early days of the public Internet, Internet time referred to the breakneck speed with which companies scrambled to gain traffic and market share on the Web. A new business could come and go within a matter of weeks. Subsequently, the term implies the ever-increasing pace of daily life due to instantaneous publishing on blogs, video sharing and social networking sites.

As an example, in the April 27, 2007 issue of "The Week" magazine, Ellen Goodman of the Boston Globe highlighted Internet time with an incident involving Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. At a recent hearing, Justice Ginsburg was trying to find her shoe that had slipped off under the table, which caused her to be the last person to stand up. A blogger wrote about it, and within hours, rumors were buzzing that Justice Ginsburg was ill and going to retire.

It Affects Everything
The Microsoft antitrust trial was brought about largely due to the speed with which Netscape cornered the market with its Web browser and Microsoft's reaction to it. This headline appeared November 15, 1998. (Article headline courtesy of the Philadelphia Inquirer).
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Allow them extra internet time if they promise to use it to research on the culture, including language, of the place to be visited.
British adults accumulate 42.7 million days a month across websites owned by Google - primarily search, YouTube and Gmail - the equivalent of more than 1 in every 6 minutes (17%) of UK internet time. Around 11% of time (28.4 million days) is spent on Facebook-owned properties which include WhatsApp and Instagram, according to measurement firm Verto Analytics.
John created the iKydz box after years of managing his own children's internet time remotely.
And we need to do it in Internet time, not library time."
that internet time wasting - like status updates, browser histories, tweets,
The decision makers in Syria had entered the Internet time zone in March 2000.
Although Google has been anticipated to release the next-generation 10-inch tablet, there was no official data from Google itself apart from the fake leaks that flooded the Internet time and again.
Comscore also reports that US Internet Time spent on mobile devices (smartphone + tablet) in May of 2013 exceeded Internet Time spent on PCs.
"The statute has not undergone a significant revision since it was enacted in 1986 -- light years ago in Internet time," he added.
"While there is unquestionably a need for parents to balance their child's internet time with other activities, the Internet can be a powerful educational tool," said Curwood from the university's faculty of education and social work in a statement.
Percent of Internet Time Spent On: Other 35.1 Social Networks/Blogs 22.5 Online Games 9.8 Email 7.6 Portals 4.5 Videos/Movies 4.4 Search 4.0 Instant Messaging 3.3 Software Manufact.

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