Internet-A Tool of the New World Order

The following article is from Conspiracies and Secret Societies. It is a summary of a conspiracy theory, not a statement of fact.

Internet—A Tool of the New World Order

As with a firearm, the Internet’s use for good or evil depends upon the individual—and whoever is in control of it.

In a special report on pedophilia (“The Web’s Dark Secret”) in the March 19, 2001, issue, Newsweek magazine observed with unfortunate accuracy that “before the Internet came along, pedophiles were lonely and hunted individuals. Authorities had child pornography under control. Today networks of child abusers are proliferating worldwide.”

The problem is global, Rod Nordland and Jeffrey Bartholet reported in the article: “A survey of 1,501 U.S. kids aged 10 to 17 conducted in 2000 showed that approximately one in four had had an unwanted exposure to some kind of image of naked men and women having sex in the last year. Roughly one in five kids had received a sexual solicitation, meaning that someone asked them to meet somewhere. And less than 10 percent of sexual solicitations and only 3 percent of unwanted exposure episodes were ever reported.”

In March 2001 the Vatican warned of the dangers of cyberspace spirituality and admonished users not to treat the Internet as a religious supermarket. Some Web surfers may pick and choose aspects of customized religious websites to suit their personal tastes. The Vatican warned that virtual religion is no substitute for the real thing and compared the Internet to a mind-altering substance with near-narcotic effects.

With computers providing pedophiles and pornographers unlimited access to children and tempting faithful churchgoers to sample religious expression outside their usual experience, conspiracy theorists warn that the real danger of the Internet is that it has become a powerful tool by which the secret government or agents of the New World Order can better enslave the general population. For one thing, thousands of bloggers and individuals with strong points of view have already discovered the ease with which they can express their political opinions online. Just a few short decades ago these activists would have faced the expense of a printing press, paper, and distribution. Even with a great outlay of funds, their chances of reaching more than a handful of like-minded individuals were small. Now an investment of a few dollars to obtain a website allows anyone to spread his or her concepts of peace or perversity, harmony or hatred, agreement or disagreement with the government’s policies across the world in a matter of seconds.

But if those who wish to dissent have found an inexpensive medium by which to express their criticism of the government, Big Brother groups within the government have gained the most wonderful surveillance tool they could imagine. It is a simple matter for online services to monitor what you read, archive, and email. While the average computer user blissfully surfs the Web and marvels at access to museums, libraries, and newspapers from all over the world, a shadow agency can monitor every detail of his or her online activity, including banking and investment records. And while concerned citizens’ groups are worrying about Internet pedophiles and pornographers corrupting their children, shadow agencies, masters of dirty double-dealing, are hyping public fears about hackers, terrorists, and viruses in order to generate citizen support for an Internet police force, which would only serve in the long run to curb the average computer user’s freedoms.

There is a great propaganda effort on the part of the government to make the Internet appear indispensable to every American household. The government wishes to enter every home and business via electric lines and broadband through power lines (BPL). This will create electronic interference or static that will destroy the effectiveness of ham radio, AM radio, and all forms of emergency and shortwave communication that use the airwaves. Because there won’t be any clear channels, all through-the-air forms of communication will have been eradicated by BPL. When there is a national disaster, the government will control communication and will release only the approved cover story that it has decided the masses should hear. Broadband through power lines will place the government in near-total command when it decides to launch a major catastrophe in the United States preparatory to taking complete control of the nation.

Most of the major broadcast and print media are owned and controlled by a half dozen giant corporations headed by members of Bohemian Grove and the New World Order, who love to sow chaos and mislead people before they take total control. In 2004 the media continued to play up terrorism but never gave the American public the truth about what was really happening in Iraq and the Middle East. The covert purpose for playing the terrorism card was to get George W. Bush, an approved Skull and Bones, New World Order puppet, reelected.

The shadow government wants BPL to become an integral part of every home’s wiring. Every home computer in America will be linked to a central monitoring station. Furthermore, each electrical device in a home has its own “signature” of power strength and usage. Thus agents from New World Order groups will know when family members are and are not on their computers, when they leave the house, and when they return. These electronic snoopers will know when and for how long family members use every electrical device in the house—when the water heater clicks on, when the doorbell rings, when the telephone is answered. Such BPL information will assist the government to control everyone and will assist New World Order-approved industries to determine the general population’s purchasing decisions so that they can adjust marketing strategies.

Depending on how interested the government is in certain individuals, BPL and other technological applications will also provide spy access to their computers’ hard drives so that tech experts can find out exactly how and when someone used a computer from the first day he or she owned it. (Every keystroke over the life of a computer may remain in its hard drive.) The shadow government can also access someone’s computer to place files in it that make it look like as if that individual is illegally using the computer for child pornography or sending threatening emails, then arrest them.

An individual’s cell phone traces everywhere he or she goes through global positioning technology, as well as everyone to whom he or she spoke. Every call an individual makes can be completely monitored if the government so desires. The only way the shadow government cannot trace your whereabouts at all times is if you take your cell phone’s battery out when you are not using it.

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