Internetwork Packet eXchange

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Internetwork Packet eXchange

(IPX) A network layer protocol initially developed at XEROX Corporation and made popular by Novell, Inc. as the basic protocol in its Novell NetWare file server operating system.

A router with IPX routing can interconnect Local Area Networks so that Netware clients and servers can communicate.

The SPX transport layer protocol runs on top of IPX.
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The CD server should follow standard NCP (NetWare Core Protocol) designed by Novell to respond to application requests coming from client workstations and uses IPX (Internetwork Packet exchange) as its network transmit protocol to transmit the requests for service to the fileserver.
Bell Atlantic delivers an enhanced set of data network management services, including its application-performance profiling service, featuring in-person visits by Bell Atlantic network engineers who will analyze the performance of business applications, such as e-commerce and ERP, that run on any IP or Internetwork Packet Exchange network....

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