Internetwork Packet eXchange

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Internetwork Packet eXchange

(IPX) A network layer protocol initially developed at XEROX Corporation and made popular by Novell, Inc. as the basic protocol in its Novell NetWare file server operating system.

A router with IPX routing can interconnect Local Area Networks so that Netware clients and servers can communicate.

The SPX transport layer protocol runs on top of IPX.
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Japanese telecoms giantNTT DOCOMOand South Korea sPTO KTCorp have launched a Wi-Fi Roaming Exchange solution in cooperation with Aicent, a global multi-service internetwork packet exchange solution provider.
The 3LS module can perform Layer 3 forwarding of Internet Protocol (IP) and Internetwork Packet eXchange (IPX) packets between subnets at greater than 400 thousand packets per second.
According to Cu, Globe Telecom is also collaborating with internetwork packet exchange (IPX) providers Sybase, Aicent, Syniverse, Citic, Tata, and BICs to expand its LTE roaming partnerships with operators from US, Canada, Middle East, Singapore, Japan and Australia, in near future.
The company also plans to release a number of Novell Internetwork Packet Exchange (IPX) and transmission control protocol/Internet protocol (TCP/IP) gateways later this year.

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