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The interval between two nodes, as on a stem or along a nerve fiber.
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the area of a stem or shoot between two neighboring nodes—the sites of leaf attachment. When there is close placement of leaves, as in the basal rosettes of dandelions, daisies, and plantains, the internodes are greatly abbreviated and almost unnoticeable. In young shoots the internodes are short and the nodes are close together; as the stem or shoot grows, the internodes become longer. The growth of the internodes is effected by the activity of the meristem, which is located either at the base of the internode (in the Gramineae and Caryophyllaceae) or in its upper part (Ranunculus and Plantago).

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Treatments consisted of three explants (leaf internode and root) four media and two photo-environments (light and dark).
We found this relationship to be ubiquitous, independent of plant heights, internode, and leaf sheath lengths, or differing in meristematic activity.
The signal at 1738 [cm.sup.-1] is due to carbonyl stretching of esters/carboxylic acids, indicative of the presence of hemicelluloses in pre-extracted cells, as well as all internodes evaluated individually by infrared microscopy (Figure 3b).
Effect of different concentrations of BAP + NAA mg/L was studied on explants like leaf, internode and cotyledon as shown in Table 1.
The rollout of Rescue comes after a pilot of the service, during which roughly 50 Internode customer service representatives used the service across hundreds of sessions to resolve its customers' technical issues.
While, significant (P less than 0.5%) differences for number of internodes and non significant differences existed for millables canes (Table-1).
Eight experimental plots (replicates) were randomly assigned to the irrigated and rainfed treatments, and 4 replicates to each of the water stress treatments (vegetative, internode elongation, and vegetative+internode elongation).
It also incorporates VERITAS Cluster Server's file system capabilities and internode communications across the servers.
where A denotes the apex, I(x) denotes an internode of length x, and the auxiliary symbols + and - indicate branching directions.