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one of the forms of postgraduate apprenticeship and specialization, completing the training of medical graduates; internship lasts one or more years and is undergone at the larger, multipurpose clinics and hospitals. It is organized in the principal clinical specialties or in a particular field of specialization. The internship system has been adopted in most countries. In some countries there is a residency system as well for physicians desiring special preparation for a given field.

In the USSR, internship (for physicians graduated from internal and pediatric departments, in the form of one-year specialization in the principal clinical specialties, depending on the practical requirements of public health) was introduced experimentally in 1967 in the First Moscow, First Leningrad, Kishinev, and Kharkov Medical Institutes and later in all medical institutes and departments in the country. The transition to this form of preparation of physicians will be completed in 1973. Graduates of medical institutes enter internship after receiving their diplomas and taking the Soviet physicians’ oath. The graduate intern is presented a certificate conferring the status of specialist physician.


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