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Verification of conformance to standards is one of the first steps in the interoperability testing process.
Thorough interoperability testing by the RAID controller manufacturer optimizes the development of the storage system for both the component manufacturers and the integrators.
Four of these companies were first-time participants in AS2 interoperability testing.
System vendor interoperability testing will be completed by year-end, facilitating major EPON deployments in 2007.
Breadth of interoperability testing is an important indicator of market demand and momentum," said Tyler Nelson, vice president of business development and marketing, Bridgewater Systems.
New features such as rate adaptation, where streaming quality is optimized to changing network conditions, cannot be deployed without extensive interoperability testing," said Amir Wolf, co-chairman of PSS-AG and IMTC Fellow.
Hitachi has seen increased customer satisfaction since agreeing in May 2005 to begin product interoperability testing to validate Hitachi storage system compatibility with IBM zSeries mainframes.
Periodic CP-TA Interoperability Plugfests will provide a confidential environment for the CP-TA community to harmonize the execution of automated test suites, as well as offer a true multi-vendor environment for enhanced interoperability testing.
This enables customers to pre-test in preparation for Wi-Fi Alliance interoperability testing as a regression test on a nightly basis rather than testing as a final QA procedure.

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