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acronym for the International Criminal Police Organization, a worldwide clearinghouse for police information. Conceived in 1914, Interpol was formally established in 1923 with headquarters at Vienna. In 1938, it was effectively disbanded by Hitler's Anschluss of Austria. After World War II, the agency was reconstituted (1946) with headquarters in Paris; the headquarters were moved to Lyons, France, in 1989. Its principal services are to provide its 190 member countries with information on the whereabouts of international criminals, to organize seminars on scientific crime detection, and to facilitate the apprehension of criminals. It does not apprehend criminals directly; Interpol has no officials who do policing or criminal investigative work. The organization claims to avoid those crimes that deal with political, military, religious, or racial matters. Interpol has been most successful with regard to counterfeiting, forgery, smuggling, and the narcotics trade.


See studies by M. Anderson (1989) and M. Fooner (1989).


International Criminal Police Organization, an association of over 100 national police forces, devoted chiefly to fighting international crime
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Later, the Interpol General Secretariat had issued the Red Corner Notice against the fugitive last month at the request of the Interpol Nepal.
Placed on an Interpol wanted list in June 2014, he was arrested at Beirut airport in September last year.
Mektic pointed to the need for BiH to assign a liaison officer to the Interpol headquarters in Lyon.
Kaspersky Lab has also previously assisted in a global operation coordinated by the INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation (IGCI) in Singapore to disrupt the Simda criminal botnet -- a network of over 770,000 infected PCs around the world.
Maliki noted that this victory was achieved because of the position of the majority of INTERPOL members who today defended the reason why such an organization exists and its basic principles, where they clearly rejected attempts at manipulation and political domination.
Palo Alto Networks will be involved in the operational briefings at INTERPOL and vice versa.
Reportedly, the agency has informed the Interpol that MQM founder's presence is sought by courts in multiple cases and that all requisites of the international department for the cause have been met by Pakistan.
In a statement, the Interpol Global Complex in Singapore, which coordinated the international anti-drug campaign in May, said: "During the first week of the operation, authorities in the UAE identified an increasing trend of liquid cocaine being trafficked.
Sources said Interpol had refused to issue Red Corner Notice against Mallya in 2016 saying there is no extradition request or trial pending against him.
NNA - An INTERPOL Major Events Support Team (IMEST) has been deployed to Paris as part of the world police body's support to the security framework surrounding the Euro 2016 football tournament.
To reinforce this capacity, Interpol has provided state-of-the-art scanning and database equipment referred to as the Mobile Interpol Network Database, or the MIND.
Interpol said on Friday it was suspending the use of funds it gets from FIFA for its 'Integrity in Sport' programme in light of ongoing investigations into corruption against world football's governing body.