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acronym for the International Criminal Police Organization, a worldwide clearinghouse for police information. Conceived in 1914, Interpol was formally established in 1923 with headquarters at Vienna. In 1938, it was effectively disbanded by Hitler's Anschluss of Austria. After World War II, the agency was reconstituted (1946) with headquarters in Paris; the headquarters were moved to Lyons, France, in 1989. Its principal services are to provide its 190 member countries with information on the whereabouts of international criminals, to organize seminars on scientific crime detection, and to facilitate the apprehension of criminals. It does not apprehend criminals directly; Interpol has no officials who do policing or criminal investigative work. The organization claims to avoid those crimes that deal with political, military, religious, or racial matters. Interpol has been most successful with regard to counterfeiting, forgery, smuggling, and the narcotics trade.


See studies by M. Anderson (1989) and M. Fooner (1989).

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International Criminal Police Organization, an association of over 100 national police forces, devoted chiefly to fighting international crime
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INTERPOL Secretary General assured the President fullest cooperation.
Union Home Minister Shah said Interpol is welcome to actively collaborate with Indian law enforcement agencies to make the best use of this expertise.
In a letter addressed to Dr Zakir Naik, the Interpol's Commission Secretariat stated that 'after a thorough examination of the elements before it, the Commission found that the data (read 'charges') challenged raised questions as to compliance with applicable rules'.
In the case of Hussain Nawaz, the Interpol in its 10-page verdict said that the documents for issuing red warrants of Hussain Nawaz were not reasonable and the Pakistan government did not provide trustable proofs against the son of Nawaz Sharif.
She said she didn't know why Interpol wasn't publishing the arrest warrants even though the request had been filed over two months ago.
"Interpol doesn't publish information as to who it issues these documents to, but many would have been surprised to learn that they appear to also have been issued to members of the board of the Interpol Foundation," said Thomas Garner, an extradition lawyer at Gherson in London.
Taiwan's desire to take part in Interpol is right and just and has gained support from its allies and like-minded countries, the ministry said, noting that MOFA will continue to work with the National Police Agency to push for Taiwan's participation.
The post Russia asks Interpol to arrest Kremlin critic Browder..
While hundreds of documents were produced by both sides in favour of their cases, the Interpol's Commission decision was made on 11 pages summing up the case of both sides succinctly and then declaring the NCB has failed to produce 'sufficient evidence' linking Hussain Nawaz with the charges made against him in the application seeking the red warrants.
According to Stirling, "Interpol is clearly in urgent need of reform, and Australia should lead the call.
She went on saying that this was a "gross" meddling into Interpol's internal affairs, noting that Moscow considers such actions as inadmissible and damaging Interpol reputation.