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acronym for the International Criminal Police Organization, a worldwide clearinghouse for police information. Conceived in 1914, Interpol was formally established in 1923 with headquarters at Vienna. In 1938, it was effectively disbanded by Hitler's Anschluss of Austria. After World War II, the agency was reconstituted (1946) with headquarters in Paris; the headquarters were moved to Lyons, France, in 1989. Its principal services are to provide its 190 member countries with information on the whereabouts of international criminals, to organize seminars on scientific crime detection, and to facilitate the apprehension of criminals. It does not apprehend criminals directly; Interpol has no officials who do policing or criminal investigative work. The organization claims to avoid those crimes that deal with political, military, religious, or racial matters. Interpol has been most successful with regard to counterfeiting, forgery, smuggling, and the narcotics trade.


See studies by M. Anderson (1989) and M. Fooner (1989).


International Criminal Police Organization, an association of over 100 national police forces, devoted chiefly to fighting international crime
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Stolen motor vehicles represent a key security issue in Lebanon, as testified by the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri in February 2005 by a bomb placed in a vehicle stolen in Japan," Interpol said.
According to the Interpol website, there are currently 108 people wanted by Egypt.
The INTERPOL Chief's visit comes just days after the inauguration of INTERPOL's real-time passport screening system at Tripoli International Airport as part of international efforts to improve Libyan border security.
Together we are committed to identifying further areas of co-operation in which Interpol global tools and international law enforcement networks can further support our national and regional security.
The Qatar 2022 Supreme Committee will be working with Interpol and the network of its members representing 190 countries to benefit from international expertise to ensure a successful and safe World Cup that meets the highest international standards," said Sheikh Abdullah.
The guidance and direction of the Palestinian Police and the coordination with General Secretariat of Interpol in France and Interpol Brussels were managed by EUPOL COPPS as the Technical Adviser to Palestinian Civil Police.
Denying a recent media report that the Interpol headquarters had rejected Pakistan's request the official told the daily that the Interpol had only asked for more documents.
42, is wanted by Interpol for several theft cases in Oman.
Interpol asked its 188 member countries to work together to help the International Criminal Court find and apprehend Gaddafi.
A French television station reported at the weekend that German authorities had alerted senior Interpol officials after spotting suspicious betting patterns during Saturday's game.
A training course for Kyrgyz border troops officers from remote border checkpoints in south Kyrgyzstan on the practical use of the Interpol database, organized by the Interpol National Central Bureau with the support of the OSCE Centre in Bishkek, started on Monday in Bishkek.
Interpol at O2 Academy IN AUGUST 2007 New York City's Interpol were forced to cancel a show at the O2 Academy at the last minute when the venue was already filling up.