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interbreeding of races, esp where differences of pigmentation are involved
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the mixing of human races. The offspring of these mixed marriages are called half-breeds.

Racial mixing has always taken place in regions where various racial groups have been in contact with one another. The scale of such crossing grew considerably after the great geographical discoveries of the 15th to 17th centuries and the subsequent colonial expansion and slave trading. It is a natural phenomenon in human history and proves the untenability of the reactionary theory of polygenism (the theory of the origin of the principal races of mankind from different ancestors, thereby ascribing Caucasoids, Mongoloids, and Negroids to separate species). The same capacity of half-breeds for reproduction as is found in intraracial unions—not the case between different species—is the most convincing proof of the species unity of mankind and the close kinship of all human races.

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Intermarriage between different races.
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The Vrzaks feel that their relationship sends a positive message to younger interracial couples.
Relating the story of a Louisiana man who was fired from his job as a county clerk after he refused to marry an interracial couple, Nadler asked Lori if the bishop would argue the clerk has a right to refuse to perform an interracial marriage ceremony.
The challenges Hodes encountered in researching her book testify powerfully to the absence of ordinary people's voices in the historical record, whether they were partners in interracial unions or whether they were neighbors, relatives, or other acquaintances of interracial couples. Records of statutes and judicial decisions did not cast light on day-to-day life--those habits of family life of interracial couples and their children that would not have prompted judicial intervention (Bardaglio, 1999:112; Hodes, 1997:125-126).
In a work of such broad sweep, beginning with the Reformation and ending with a provocative reflection on the similarities between historical religious proscriptions against interracial couples and contemporary debates about same-sex couples, it is certain that some specialists will question some specific details.
(7) Even into the twentieth century interracial couples involving White women faced greater policing and prosecution than those involving White men: the assumption remained that women of any race were fair game for White men.
(2009) Interracial couples find challenge and acceptance in modern society.
In the last two chapters, Professor Okitikpi returns to some of the theoretical work about monoracial couples and concludes that much of this is not applicable to interracial couples. More worryingly, the book confirms the continuation of racist thinking about race mixing and sexual liaisons between black and white.
Hibbler & Shinew (2002) found that interracial couples felt socially isolated in several areas of their life including work, family, and leisure.
Allowing tradition to thus entrench itself, he said, would have allowed for laws barring interracial couples. And, as he noted, the California Supreme Court struck down a ban on interracial marriage in 1948, almost two decades before the U.S.
With the "Hottest Couples" serving as the foundation, we strengthened the Black Love section with the addition of a look at religious/gospel couples, interracial couples and couples who have recently become parents or are expecting new additions to their families.
Cohabitation is likewise on the decline among interracial couples, the study notes.