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an inflammatory disease that originates in folds of the skin where there is friction between contiguous surfaces.

The causative factors of intertrigo include increased secretions of sebum and perspiration, enuresis, discharges from fistulas or hemorrhoids, and inadequate drying of skin folds after bathing. Intertrigo can arise between any contiguous surfaces, including the interdigital spaces of the feet (more rarely, of the hands), in the armpits, under the breasts, and in the folds of the abdomen and neck in obese persons. The first symptom is erythema; this is followed by the appearance of nonbleeding cracks in the depths of the folds. In neglected cases the cornified layer of the skin is torn away and erosive patches are formed. The course of intertrigo can be prolonged if infection sets in. The disease is treated by removing the causative factors and using anti-inflammatory agents. Intertrigo is prevented with hygienic skin care and elimination of the causes of increased perspiration and sebum secretion.

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In early neonatal period, predominant cutaneous lesions were miniature puberty, erythema neonatorum, cutis marmorata, milia, vernix caseosa, Mongolian spots and intertrigo.
Our results showed that interdigital intertrigo was as common as onychomycosis, occurring in 7 of the 14 cases with a cutaneous portal of entry.
Intertrigo (intertriginous dermatitis) is an inflammatory condition of the skin folds, induced or aggravated by heat, moisture, maceration, friction, and lack of air circulation.
Pustuler akne, miliyarya, intertrigo gibi durumlarda kisa sureli kurutucu olarak ve cok az oranda da tasiyici olarak kullanilirlar (3,4).
To reduce the risk of further inflammation and skin breakdown an intertrigo oil blend of base oil, lavender, and tea tree is applied to the endangered areas (see Photos 2a, 2b).
En contraste, el intertrigo por Candida es mas comun en pacientes inmunocompetentes, mientras que es infrecuente en pacientes con VIH.
Typically breast reduction surgery is considered cosmetic, unless associated with some functional impairment such as well documented back pain, shoulder grooving, or intertrigo.
The most common candidal infection was found to be balanoposthitis in 27 cases, followed by intertrigo in 22 cases, paronychia in 11 cases, oral thrush in 9 cases, and vulvovaginitis in 1 case.
Plantar verrucous carcinoma masquerading as toe web intertrigo.
Klinik olarak intertrigo, postinflamatuvar hiperpigmentasyon, akantozis nigrigans on tanilari dusunulerek koltuk altindan biyopsi yapildi.
La presentacion mas comun de candidiasis cutanea es el intertrigo candidiasico que predomina en areas calientes y humedas de la piel, como el pliegue inframamario, infraabdominal, las axilas, la ingle y el pliegue intergluteo, donde se manifiesta con placas eritematosas, pruriginosas y maceradas, con borde geografico y collarete finamente descamativo asociado a vesiculo pustulas satelites (38).

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