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organ transplant:

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surgical procedure by which a tissue or organ is removed and replaced by a corresponding part, usually from another part of the body or from another individual.
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ITx: Intestinal transplantation IF: Intestinal failure TPN: Total parenteral nutrition PNALD: Parenteral nutrition associated liver disease ITR: Intestinal transplant registry SB: Small bowel IITx: Isolated intestinal transplantation L-ITx: Combined liver-intestine transplantation MVTx: Multivisceral transplantation SMA: Superior mesenteric artery MMVTx: Modified multivisceral transplantation GLP: Glucagon-like peptide IVC: Inferior vena cava ACR: Acute cellular rejection SRTR: Scientific registry of transplant recipients UNOS: United network for organ sharing ESLD: End-stage liver disease LT: Liver transplantation CIPO: Chronic intestinal pseudoobstruction GVHD: Graft versus host disease.
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He's eating on his own." Intestinal transplants are done only in a few institutions in the world and the survival rate is from one year to 10 years.
Because intestinal transplant recipients maybe asymptomatic during the first three posttransplant months but may experience low-grade histological rejection, these patients often fare more poorly than those lacking early histological rejection [23, 33].
A leading private Delhi-based hospital has offered to perform an intestinal transplant once her condition stabilises.
"It will take weeks in this case to even look into the possibility of an intestinal transplant so why hurry and take the patient out from a facility which works so well.
Sir Ganga Ram Hospital has performed India's first and only living donor intestinal transplant which has been reported in a peer reviewed journal this year," Rana said.
Schneider Hospital said that until Tuesday, children who required an intestinal transplant were flown to medical centers in the U.S.
Recovery of ceftazidime resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae from pediatric liver and intestinal transplant recipients.
PHOENIX -- Recent data suggest that home-based care for pediatric short-bowel syndrome may cost more than an intestinal transplant, Ariel U.