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The innermost coat of a blood vessel. Also known as tunica intima.



(tunica intima vasorum), the inner coat of the blood vessels (except the capillaries).

The intima consists of a layer of endothelium, a layer of loose connective tissue underneath, and an inner elastic membrane that separates the intima from the tunica media. The intima forms pocketlike valves in the veins, permitting the blood in the vessels to flow in only one direction.

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The cuticular intima of the foregut in insects displays teeth, spines, piercing stylets and complex triturating devices which apparently breakdown and filter food material (Snodgrass 1935; Parsons 1972; McGreevy et al.
However, the visitors doubled their lead on 26 minutes when Intima foxed his way to the by-line and crossed low for Hutton to lash into the roof of the net.
Ultrastructural alteration of the tunica intima consists of extracellular lipid accumulation; an increase in the presence of collagen fibrils, elastic fibers, and glycosaminoglycans; foam cells derived from macrophages or smooth muscle cells; and calcium deposits.
This study aimed at investigating the mechanism of TSPN on inhibiting vascular intima hyperplasia by cell cyclin and ECM.
Intima is the Manar Mall's smart-card-based loyalty programme launched in December 2008.
During stage 1, metaplasia of the synovial intima results in the formation of small cartilaginous nodules.
Carotid intima media thickness was measured in the left and right common carotid arteries.
The abdominal aorta, which is the section of the artery extending down to the belly, was scanned in each newborn within seven days of birth to find out the thickness of the two innermost walls - the intima and media.
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