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(veterinary medicine)
A dermatitis of fresh-water fishes caused by the invasion of the skin by the ciliated protozoan Ichthyophthirius multifiliis.
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Intel Hub Architecture

Intel's architecture for the 8xx family of chipsets, starting with the 820. It uses a memory controller hub (MCH) that is connected to an I/O controller hub (ICH) via a 266 MB/sec bus. The MCH chip supports memory and AGP, while the ICH chip provides connectivity for PCI, USB, sound, IDE hard disks and LAN.

Because of the high-speed channel between the sections, the Intel Hub Architecture (IHA) is much faster than the earlier Northbridge/Southbridge design, which hooked all low-speed ports to the PCI bus. The IHA also optimizes data transfer based on data type. See Northbridge and Intel chipsets.

Intel Hub Architecture
Intel introduced its hub architecture starting with the 820 chipset, which divides control between a memory controller chip (MCH) and an I/O controller chip (ICH). This is an illustration of the 850.
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