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The symbolic absorption into and toward oneself of concepts and feelings generated toward another person or object; motivates irrational behavior toward oneself.



in theory of knowledge, the concept, introduced by the Austrian philosopher R. Avenarius, of the inadmissibility—from his point of view—of the insertion of perceived images into the consciousness of the individual. According to Avenarius, this follows from the inadmissibility of dividing the ideal and the real in general; this view is the result of his basing his philosophy on the concept of experience, dissolving within it the contrast between the spiritual and the material and thus attempting to refute materialism entirely. Criticism of these concepts of experience and introjection is provided by V. I. Lenin in his Materialism and Empiriocriticism (Poln. sobr. soch., 5th ed., vol. 18).

In psychology introjection is the individual’s inclusion of other persons’ views, motivations, and purposes in his inner world. It is a basis for identification. Projection is the opposite of introjection. The concept of introjection was introduced by the Hungarian psychoanalyst S. Ferenczi into depth psychology, where it is viewed as a psychological mechanism that plays an important role in the formation of the superego, conscience, and other personality phenomena.

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However, even without a perception of God, something like our mutual visual gaze with mother, we form introjections that are images.
Introjection, according to Sandor Ferenczi and later elaborated by Nicolas Abraham and Maria Torok, denotes a process of taking in: (13) "Introjecting a desire, a pain, a situation means channeling them through language into a communion of empty mouths" (Abraham & Torok 128).
One choice looks as follows: either the loss can either be dealt with by introjection, by letting the reality of the loss settle upon the psyche, which opens the way for the possibility of internalization of the lost object, allowing it to become part of the subject--or, the loss can be dealt with by negation, by rejecting the loss within the psyche, which closes the door to internalization, and results in a hardening of the subject.
In four central chapters devoted to whites' views of blacks, blacks' views of whites, men's views of women, and women's views of men, Sobel does a marvelous job of exploring the related processes of projection and introjection, through which people appropriated, misappropriated, embraced, or tried to deny aspects of themselves in relation to those they sought to define as other.
Introjection enlarges identity by attributing to the self certain desirable attributes of the object--others are "incorporated" because I am like them or want to be like them.
L'humain interioriserait d'abord ses experiences de deux facons, par introjection (assimilation) et par inclusion psychique.
In that context, cannibalism becomes for Butler a central means of representing unstable boundaries between Self and Other, sometimes even allowing her to invert the usual representation by whites of non-whites as cannibals threatening the Western social body, makes the tropes of cannibalism and introjection particularly important.
I therefore analyze the overlap among post-memory, fantasy, and sympathetic introjection as venues of symbolization that are affected by disciplinary structures of identification, professionalization, and self-surveillance.
Identification or introjection is reflected in the attempts by Whites to identify with or adopt various aspects of the behaviors, attitudes, and cultural practices of people of color.
A country's social climate, therefore, calls for a greater degree of subjectivity, feeling and introjection if a historian seeks objectivity.
Only because of this introjection is Harry fully able to enter the Symbolic Order, an entry marked by his success in evoking the necessary words of the spell that give him power over the (always and only male) Dementors.
McConville (1995) defined introjection as the "contextualizing family field" (p.