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The introduction of a tube into a hollow organ to keep it open, especially into the larynx to ensure the passage of air.



the introduction of a special tube into the larynx through the mouth for the purpose of eliminating respiratory disruption in burns, certain traumas, severe spasms of the larynx, laryngeal diphtheria, and acute, rapidly resolvable (for example, allergic) laryngeal edemas. Intubation may sometimes replace tracheotomy. In order to avoid the danger of asphyxiation, the tube is usually withdrawn and the patient transfers to normal respiration.

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In total, 683 patients, who were under general anesthesia during oral intubation, were evaluated.
Recent studies have shown that premedication for elective and semi-urgent intubation of infants significantly improves intubation conditions, decreases the time and number of attempts needed to complete the intubation procedure, and minimises the potential for intubation-related airway trauma.
The Rusch DispoLED Laryngoscope Handle features sturdy construction, ergonomic grip, and optimal light output for intubation, all designed to inspire clinician confidence during critical procedures.
Data regarding the need for intubation in the delivery room, use of surfactant, and ventilator support during the first 5 days of life are presented in Table 2.
The earliest known orotracheal intubation for anaesthesia and surgery was performed by Sir William Macewen (1848 to 1924) in 1878 (9).
Oral intubation may be particularly challenging especially if cervical fracture cannot be excluded.
4) The technique of submental intubation (SMI) is a useful alternative that is generally underused in otolaryngology practices and, as of yet, has been unreported in the otolaryngology literature.
Michael Murphy, a renowned, leading educator on difficult airway management, thinks the device has definite value and says, "ROTIGS is a substantial advance as an assist device for endoscopic airway evaluation and bronchoscopic endotracheal intubation, particularly in the hands of those that perform this vital skill infrequently.
In addition, they compared intubation and surfactant treatment initiated within 1 hour after birth and CPAP treatment initiated in the delivery room with subsequent use of a limited ventilation strategy.
Intubations should be performed using a rapid sequence induction technique and tracheal intubation confirmed with an exhaled [CO.
When he was delivered, the baby was not breathing and his heart rate was very low, so endotracheal intubation was immediately attempted.