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, a general term used to refer to a number of groups inhabiting the coastline from the Bering Sea to Greenland and the Chukchi Peninsula in NE Siberia. A number of distinct groups, based on differences in patterns of resource exploitation, are commonly identified,
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Inuit (Eskimo)


In 1976, Joseph Bloom and Richard Gelardin conducted a study of the dreams of the Eskimo (Inuit) people in which a ghost or a spirit appeared. They noted this occurred most often when the dreamer was just falling asleep or just waking up. They were unaware of the widespread occurrence of hallucinating while in a state of semi-arousal and sleep paralysis. They recognized the Inuit experiences as nightmares and linked their sleep paralysis to Arctic hysteria, labeling both as “non-empirical.”

Dreams are an integral part of the Inuit shamanic tradition and are closely associated to the initiatory calling; dreams of dismemberment, death, and rebirth are thought to be a calling to the dreamer to become a shaman. In other instances, they are called, in the dream, by an animal spirit who possesses the dreamer. The dreamer then awakens and proceeds to wander naked through the wilderness, grappling with the spirit for control of the body. Eventually, the dreamer will gain control over the spirit—a victory they mark by the making of a drum—and once again return to their people and start the training as a shaman initiate.


, Innuit
any of several Native peoples of N America or Greenland, as distinguished from those from Asia or the Aleutian Islands (who are still generally referred to as Eskimos); the preferred term for Eskimo in N America
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According to both recent scientific findings and the accounts of the Inuit elders in the documentary, the complex connection between the Inuit people and their land is already undergoing calamitous changes.
Ironically, Indian and Inuit people continue to trail behind in the attainment of college and university credentials despite generous financial incentives.
First, we missed the opportunity of meeting the Inuit people and later we could not see the magnificence of the Northern Lights, especially the time when the glaciers get lit by the glow of the Northern Lights, owing to the bad weather conditions.
There were two of us officers there, and our duties were to maintain the law, administer to the Inuit people, and assist them in every way we could.
Before Tomorrow, which follows the Inuit people of the Canadian Arctic and subarctic, is not a Hollywood movie and couldn't be more different than Avatar.
The emblem depicts an inukshuk, a symbol used by the Inuit people, or Eskimos, of Canada's Arctic regions.
A fanatical snowboarder, Marcus is also the artistic director of the Altitude Festival in the French Alps, and last year he joined Jarvis Cocker, KT Tunstall, Martha Wainwright and a 30-strong team of scientists, thinkers and activists on board a Russian research vessel off the east coast of Greenland getting to know the Inuit people.
Simon underlined the need for the Inuit people to participate in the decision-making process regarding the multiple issues that affect Northern communities.
After 13 years of intense negotiation between the Inuit people and the Government of Canada, Nunavut was created.
He said: "I'm aiming to put together a documentary on how the Inuit people settle into these remote parts of the planet and how climate change is affecting them as a community.
It behoves every one of us to learn more about what happened during those dark days when our Aboriginal neighbours' culture, language and spirit was taken away from them, and to pledge ourselves to walk in new ways of reconciliation with Aboriginal, Metis and Inuit people whenever we can.
An inukshuk is a cairn of rocks erected by the Inuit people of the Arctic to create a recognizable landmark.