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, a general term used to refer to a number of groups inhabiting the coastline from the Bering Sea to Greenland and the Chukchi Peninsula in NE Siberia. A number of distinct groups, based on differences in patterns of resource exploitation, are commonly identified,
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Inuit (Eskimo)


In 1976, Joseph Bloom and Richard Gelardin conducted a study of the dreams of the Eskimo (Inuit) people in which a ghost or a spirit appeared. They noted this occurred most often when the dreamer was just falling asleep or just waking up. They were unaware of the widespread occurrence of hallucinating while in a state of semi-arousal and sleep paralysis. They recognized the Inuit experiences as nightmares and linked their sleep paralysis to Arctic hysteria, labeling both as “non-empirical.”

Dreams are an integral part of the Inuit shamanic tradition and are closely associated to the initiatory calling; dreams of dismemberment, death, and rebirth are thought to be a calling to the dreamer to become a shaman. In other instances, they are called, in the dream, by an animal spirit who possesses the dreamer. The dreamer then awakens and proceeds to wander naked through the wilderness, grappling with the spirit for control of the body. Eventually, the dreamer will gain control over the spirit—a victory they mark by the making of a drum—and once again return to their people and start the training as a shaman initiate.


, Innuit
any of several Native peoples of N America or Greenland, as distinguished from those from Asia or the Aleutian Islands (who are still generally referred to as Eskimos); the preferred term for Eskimo in N America
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Therefore, the Atausiq Inuktitut Task Group, a group comprising Inuit Linguists and language experts from each Inuit region, is currently gathering the existing characters used across the four Inuit regions of Canada (pictured below), in order to begin the arduous process of creating a single alphabet for Inuktitut, with common grammar, spelling and terminology.
En ce sens, Inhabit Media poursuit cette tendance avec son bassin d'auteurs inuits ou residants du Nunavut.
Key words: poverty; income; measurement; methodology; Inuit Nunangat; Inuvialuit; Nunavut; Nunavik; Nunatsiavut; Canada
Mr Dennis' boats have to be larger because most sell to white people who are generally taller than Inuits.
This put Jure, a bold new blueprint for educating the youth of Canada's far north wee mended in Ottawa by Mary Simon, national Inuit leader and head of the advocacy organisation Inuit Tapiriit Kanatarni (TTK).
Languages of instruction, cultural identity, and bilingual education have been researched and documented within Canadian Inuit community contexts as part of a voluminous academic discourse (Annahatak, 1994; Crago, Annahatak, & Ningiuruvik, 1993; Cummins, 1990; Dorais & Sammons, 2002; Freeman, Stairs, Corbiere, & Lazore, 1995; McAlpine & Herodier, 1994; Tagalik, 1998; Taylor, 1990, 2002; Taylor, Crago, & McAlpine, 1993).
Unos 100 mil inuits habitaban las tundras del norte de Canada, Alaska y Groenlandia.
Hicks, a PhD candidate who lives in Iqaluit, NU, found a correlation between suicide rates and the transformation of Inuit societies following the same statistical patterns in three countries and at different times when each introduced the measure of change in Inuit communities--first in Greenland in the 1960s, northern Alaska in the 1970s, and Nunavut in the 1980s.
He says his organization is trying to give young Inuit "a voice" and a creative outlet by teaching them media and filmmaking skills.
Although the Inuits seldom traveled more than 30 miles from their established locations, when they did travel longer distances, they mounted reindeer to do so.
Inuits ran several teams using traditional wooden sleds called komatiks.
You probably haven't seen Inuits on the evening news, but some hunters have died after falling through unseasonably thin ice.