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After the publication of the Inuktitut primer, the first substantive religious book, translated by Johann Ludwig Beck into the Labrador Inuktitut dialect, was the passion narrative of the Gospels, published in 1800.
Margaret's Anglican Church, Ottawa, prays a blessing in Inuktitut at the interfaith celebration.
Further discussion of mapping, defining consensus, identifying "-miut groups," using Inuktitut terms, and clarifying the meaning of terms describing change would be particularly valuable to support such recommendations.
Therefore, the Atausiq Inuktitut Task Group, a group comprising Inuit Linguists and language experts from each Inuit region, is currently gathering the existing characters used across the four Inuit regions of Canada (pictured below), in order to begin the arduous process of creating a single alphabet for Inuktitut, with common grammar, spelling and terminology.
El gobierno de Nunavut ha desarrollado una fuerte proteccion del Inuktitut hasta tal punto que el Inuktitut fue declarado lengua oficial al lado del frances y del ingles.
Palabras clave: Dorais, mercado linguistico, Inuit, Huron-Wendat, inuktitut, kalaallisut, Bourdieu, lenguas autoctonas
Lorsque le livre est publie en inuktitut, le dialecte utilise est celui du Nunavut et la graphie, le syllabique.
Night, which premiered at Ottawa's National Arts Centre in 2010 and has continued to evolve through touring, is performed in both English and (surtitled) Inuktitut and follows the well-intentioned attempt of a Toronto anthropologist to return the bones of an Inuit man to their native soil after decades on a museum shelf.
Available in both Inuktitut and English, the book will be given to students participating in the midwifery program through Nunavut Arctic College and Laurentian University.
He is fluent in English and Polish and can communicate in Inuktitut.
As a student of the Inuktitut language, Martin (English and film studies, U.
Tambien, por influencia de su tradicion de los <<dos espiritus>>, una nina inuit, nacida del espiritu de un hombre, no se conoce como panik--hija--, sino como Arnarurtitauvuq--en inuktitut, <<hacemos de el una nina>>--, y un padre cuyo hijo reemplaza a su padre recien fallecido, se dirigira hacia el no como irnira--mi hijo--, sino como ataatakuluk--pequeno padre.