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Otros generos responsables o sospechosos de causar alergias en alguna forma son Andryala, Arctotheca, Argyranthemum, Arnoseris, Bellis, Carlina, Cichorium, Cirsium, Cnidoscolus, Coleostephus, Crepis, Dendranthema, Dittrichia, Echinops, Galactites, Gerbera, Helenium, Hieracium, Inula, Iva, Lactuca, Lapsana, Phagnalon, Pulicaria, Sonchus, Tagetes, Tolpis, etc.
Typical species in Molinietum caeruleae, Galium boreale and Inula salicina, were absent or very rare in the Carex hostiana community.
sulcata 1, Galium album 1, Inula oculus-christi 1, Iris pumila 1, Koeleria lobata 1, Muscari racemosum 1, Paeonia tenuifolia 1, Phlomis herba-venti subsp.
Aqueous (10, 20, 30 and 40 g L-1) and organic (hexane, chloroform and methanol, at 3 and 6 mg mL-1) extracts of Inula viscosa L.
More than likely the botanical name helenium is related to another autumn flowering herbaceous border plant, Inula helenium, a member of the same daisy family, but one firmly rooted in the native of habitat of Greece.
Sambucus nigra, Euphrasia officinalis, Inula helenium, Glycyrrhiza glabra and Oleo europa)
The herbaceous borders are almost dominated by them, with garden gems such as anthemis, achillea, erigeron, gaillardia, inula, liatris, osteospermum and solidago.
TYPE: Tenorea berteri Colla [= Trixis inula Crantz].
2008) for evaluating new materiais to control mushrooro flies (sciarids, cecids and phorids), some vegetable materials (Neemazal-T/S[R] and hot water plant extracts of Inula viscosa L.
Inula salicina was also called by names of other species first introduced in Estonia as medicinal plants (ingver, alant).