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Logic (of an argument) having a conclusion that does not follow from the premises: it may be false when the premises are all true; not valid

What does it mean when you dream about being an invalid?

A dream about being an invalid may signify the lack of confidence and energy to pursue some issue. Hopelessness may have crippled the dreamer’s will to stand up and perform.

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While in Paris on my last trip to France, I visited Les Invalides where General Monclar was buried with other distinguished French military heroes, including Napoleon Bonaparte.
The Duke and Duchess will be given the tour of Les Invalides and will be explained how it supports veterans and the particulars of their rehabilitation programmes, according to Royal Central.
But the mood was grim, and the locked-down ceremony at the Invalides national monument lacked the defiance of January, when a million people poured through the streets to honor those killed by Islamic extremist gunmen.
Red Cross volunteers attend the National Tribute to The Victims of The Paris Terrorist Attacks at Les Invalides yesterday PASCAL LE SEGRETAIN/GETTY IMAGES
The French <Bflag flew from many windows during the tribute at Les Invalides on a grey late autumn day in Paris
MEMORIAL The service at Les Invalides in Paris yesterday
Families of those killed in France's worst-ever terror attack, claimed by the Islamic State (IS) group, will join some of the wounded at ceremonies at the Invalides.
Caid Essebsi arrived, Tuesday morning to Paris , and was seen in the Htel National des Invalides by French President Franois Hollande.
From the morning of January 28, the Festival Automobile International continues in Paris with a four-day exhibition at the Hotel des Invalides, where the Jaguar XE will be showcased alongside 18 concept cars, including Jaguar Project 7.
Khartoum, 17 Juillet (SUNA) -l'Organisation "Abrar" pour le soin des invalides de guerre et lutte contre les mines lancera Dimanche prochaine au Centre de Soudan pour services de presse le prix de Nagat Salih pour des recherches sur le handicap en presence du Ministre du Developpement social de l'Etat de Khartoum, Dr.
Il sera question d'examiner des questions relatives aux moudjahidine et les ayants droit, notamment les invalides, et consolider les lois regissant cette categorie.
In an apparent move to quell speculation about his health, Bouteflika appeared on state television on June 12 meeting his prime minister and army chief of staff at the Institution Nationale des Invalides in Paris.