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An alloy (64% iron-36% nickel) that exhibits almost no thermal expansion over the temperature range of -50 to 150°C (-58 to 302°F).



an iron-based alloy containing 36 percent nickel. It was first made in France in 1896 by C. Guillaume. It has a low coefficient of thermal expansion (1.5 X 10−6 1/°C at temperatures from—80° to 100°C). Its low thermal expansion is explained by the fact that the magnetostrictive reduction in volume during heating compensates for thermal expansion. Invar is used for making geodetic wires and tapes, rulers, parts for measuring and monitoring instruments, and other items. Its melting point is 1430°C and its strength, about 490 MN/m2(49 kgf/mm2). Invar is subjected to cold plastic deformation with subsequent low-temperature heat treatment to increase its strength. After polishing, the alloy becomes corrosion-resistant under atmospheric conditions; protective coatings are applied to articles made of the alloy that are going to be used in hostile environments. Varieties of Invar are superinvar, an alloy with an extremely low coefficient of thermal expansion (less than 1 X 10−6 1/°C) that contains 64 percent iron, 32 percent nickel, and 4 percent cobalt, and stainless invar, an alloy that contains 54 percent cobalt, 37 percent iron, and 9 percent chromium.

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Invar, he said has recently completed its work on the first two privately-owned power plants in Moscow, Russia, which it developed in partnership with Zorlu Enerji Group, he told.
Alexander Razinski informed the chairman BOI that Invar International Holding, Inc.
Citing sources in the Indian government, local media earlier reported that India would buy 10,000 Invar missiles from Russian manufacturers and that a further 15,000 missiles will be manufactured under license in India.
Because of their unresponsiveness to temperature change, Invar alloys have been used in devices ranging from watches, toasters, light bulbs, and engine parts to computer and television screens, satellites, lasers, and scientific instruments.
The firm has set out to take full advantage of the whole range of tooling required to mould and trim composite parts and has set up an exclusive cooperation agreement with a major US tooling company to support the biggest Invar Tools.
48 Invar, a useful alloy that expands scarcely at all when heated, is 64 per cent iron and 36 per cent.
Invar Ingimarsson gifted Luke Varney the opener in the 12th minute by making a hash of clearing the striker's cross.
Initially it was proposed that SPARTA use the process deployed to make the hood for the 2004 Commemorative Edition 206 Corvette: laying up unidirectional prepreg tape on an Invar alloy mold, then curing it in an autoclave (see: http://www.
According to John Janicki, vice president, key elements of the company's success are their wealth of experience, quality assurance, and the ability to precision-machine a wide range of materials including steel, aluminum, stainless, Invar, and Inconel, as well as graphite and carbon composites and wood.
It features virtual Dolby surround sound, an invar mask tube - which means it has the flattest screen possible - and five picture modes.
The 3S series also includes a black matrix with an invar shadow mask, high contrast and an anti-static/anti-glare coating.
Although the discovery of invar (an alloy of steel and nickel with a very low coefficient of expansion with heat) in 1896 was to make accurate distance measurement easier, it was not until the development of electromagnetic distance measurement in the 1950s that alternatives to triangulation became possible.