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The legislation, developed in close consultation with Victoria Police, will include tough new penalties and statutory minimum sentences for aggravated carjacking and aggravated home invasion.
Police arrested one man they say was connected to a Saturday home invasion on Rankin Street, where three men armed with handguns stole marijuana, cash, jewelry and other items.
Washington, January 22 (ANI): A recent study by an international research team has revealed that mountain plant communities are not particularly resistant to invasion by exotic species.
2001) argue that invasion biologists, following Charles Elton's lead in what is seen as the seminal monograph in the field (Elton, 1958), have dissociated the study of invasion from that of succession, thereby retarding progress in understanding invasions and limiting the success of invasion biologists in pursuing generalizations.
Possibility of invasion of Echinococcus multilocularis into Honshu with pet dogs from Hokkaido and overseas.
Adding economic factors to a simpler model of alien-plant invasion enhanced the model's predictive power, report Brad W.
We report a case of perineural invasion of the facial nerve by a cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma in a 59-year-old man who presented with a slowly progressive facial paralysis.
WASHINGTON -- New evidence suggests that perineural invasion may occur in aggressive nonmelanoma skin cancers more frequently than previously reported and is often overlooked in the examination of margins, speakers said at the Sixth International Conference on Head and Neck Cancer.
Seventeen years later, Barbarian Invasions continues the story of the Decline characters with the central one, Remy, a washed-up university professor, now facing death from cancer at the same time as socialized medicine in Canada is also in its terminal stages.
Defeating Hitler's vast military machine required an invasion of epic proportions, and on D-Day, 60 years ago this spring, Allied troops threw themselves against the German defenses and began the campaign that--with Soviet forces pressing in from the east--would result in Germany's surrender.