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Maintenance Benefits include waste cleaning, brush cutting, tree size, tracking invasive vegetation and protected, maintenance of small equipment.
Specialist contractors removed invasive vegetation, excavated beneath and around the bridge, cleaned, re-pointed and repaired or replaced crumbling masonry.
They also began a project to remove invasive vegetation from the Emerald Meadows area of the park.
These tools could save time and money for land managers tasked with protecting sagebrush ecosystems and controlling invasive vegetation.
With nationwide coverage, The Mapping Network can fulfill the demand for invasive vegetation monitoring, ecological evaluation and eradication status.
reachable, make these natural-born grazers perfect for clearing land of invasive vegetation.
Today, work at the Santa Cruz Island nursery" continues, as do efforts to remove invasive vegetation from the island and reverse significant impacts from decades of ranching activities.
For a number of years, the National Park Service has been working to enhance the habitat by reducing invasive vegetation along sections of the river.
THOMPSON - Voters will be asked next week to approve spending a $200,000 state grant aimed at controlling invasive vegetation threatening Quaddick Lake.
Following an introduction to the region's environmental geography and history and the general principles of ecological restoration, chapters are organized according to ecosystem types--bunchgrass prairies, oak woodlands and savannas, old-growth conifer forests, riparian woodlands, freshwater wetlands, tidal wetlands, interior forests, sagebrush steppe, and mountains--and topics that cross ecosystem boundaries--urban natural areas, stream systems, landscape and watershed scale, restoring wildlife populations, managing invasive vegetation, traditional ecological knowledge and restoration practice.
Residents are battling to beat invasive vegetation.
Techniques for control of invasive vegetation include biological, herbicidal, mechanical, or some combination of these.