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What does it mean when you dream about an inventor?

We can dream about an inventor, or about being an inventor, when we are trying to figure out something. Otherwise, an inventor can simply represent our own creativity.

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project "Development of the Young Inventors Club - Stage II Stanowice in the municipality Bogdaniec.".
Now the grandad, a member of the Birmingham Inventors Club, has patented his invention and is looking for financial backing to market it.
During sessions of the Inventors Club at Derby Hills Elementary in Derby, Kansas, "We talk about how necessity is the mother of invention," instructor Sherrie Rebel tells the Wichita Eagle.
Other organisations include The Inventors Club, based in Redhill, Surrey, which has 2,300 members.
Contract notice: supply of research equipment with the equipment under the task development of young inventors club - stage ii.
BRAINBOXES buzzing with novel ideas met up at the first meeting of the Coventry Inventors Club.
Monday, April 28: Organised by Kirwans Solicitors, the next meeting of the Inventors Club will be held in the Hornby Room in Liverpool Central Library.