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Each stage in turn has two stages namely inverter stage and double inverted stage.
The Inverter stage of this unique module is designed with short circuit rated XPT IGBTs that are also specified with wider reverse bias safe operating areas (RBSOA) enabling rugged operations in a greater power envelope.
Engineered for highly efficient solar inverters, these new products feature a 1200V dual booster input stage and a 1200V MNPC inverter stage housed in a flow0 package with just 12mm assembly height.
The Design Platform includes IR's motion control mixed signal chip set, an FPGA-based configurable digital signal processor using parallel processing and customizable peripherals, high voltage ICs for gate drive and current sensing analog functions, and IGBT-based power inverter stage.
International Rectifier, IR(R) (NYSE:IRF), introduces the new INT-A-Pak (IAP) Rectifier-Switch family of 150A and 250A (ratings at 100 degrees Celsius) isolated modules optimized for high-current industrial switch-mode power supplies, such as the output inverter stage for high-quality tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding machines and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS).
Applications like Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), data centers, and telecommunications equipment, with PFC and inverter stages switching at greater than 20kHz, will profit from the new package.
The inverter stages of the power boards consist of six rugged, short-circuit protected IGBTs, with current capability determined by the board's power rating.
Designed for 3-level inverter stages, the VS-ETF075Y60U and VS-ETF150Y65U offer designers a choice of 75 A and 150 A collector current ratings and 600 V and 650 V collector-to-emitter breakdown voltages, respectively, and provide high-temperature performance to +175 AC.