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1. any synthetic, semisynthetic, or natural chemical substance used in the treatment, prevention, or diagnosis of disease, or for other medical reasons
2. a chemical substance, esp a narcotic, taken for the pleasant effects it produces
3. drug on the market a commodity available in excess of the demands of the market


Any substance used internally or externally as a medicine for the treatment, cure, or prevention of a disease.
A narcotic preparation.


principle of evil. [Zoroastrianism: Leach, 325]
See: Evil


The interpretation of drugs in your dreams depends on the relationship you have with drugs in your daily life and whether they are doctor prescribed or not. If you are a drug user, then the drugs are an extension of what you normally do, and you need to look at the other details of your dream to get a good interpretation. However, if you use drugs rarely or never, then this dream could represent a need to get well, to escape from daily stress, and a desire to get quick relief. The drugs could be suggesting a need for healing and getting in balance. Your unconscious mind may be suggesting outrageous things in hopes that you get the message to “have fun, dream dreams, and get out of your own head!” Please keep in mind that the purpose of dreams is to raise our consciousness and to assist us in having better lives. The message in the dream about drug use is most likely not encouraging you to use drugs but it may represent a need to feel better or get better.
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MD Anderson Cancer Center and Velos, the recognized leader in clinical research management systems, teamed up in 2012 to design and deploy a next generation investigational drug accountability system.
The system is also interfaced with the Vestigo Investigational Drug Service (IDS) software used at Emory.
These two rules clarify and improve FDA practices on investigational drugs, how they can be used prior to approval," Dr.
84) Significantly, a sponsor, usually a pharmaceutical company, may not "commercialize an investigational drug by charging a price larger than that necessary to recover costs of manufacture, research, development, and handling of the investigational drug.
If all goes well, an investigational drug will end up in a phase 3 study where several hundred people receive it for 6 months or longer.
Also, you should remember that even if you receive an investigational drug, it may not be helpful for you.
If approved, Ceptaris' investigational drug would be the first topical mechlorethamine gel widely available to relieve the signs and symptoms of this rare cancer.
These guidelines address various best practices for pharmacy operations and provide ancillary information about the different mechanisms for obtaining investigational drugs for a single patient, and provide a concise summary of and reference source for the procedures for obtaining investigational drugs on a "compassionate" basis.
The STEADi clinical research study is being conducted to test the safety and efficacy of an investigational drug to see if it may be a potential new treatment option for adolescents ages 12 to 17 with MDD.
Of the 100 investigational drugs recognized in this special report, more than one-third target various forms of cancer.
World Courier is pleased to announce the opening of its newest purpose-driven investigational drug storage facilities in Melbourne (Australia) and Johannesburg (South Africa), bringing its network of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)-compliant clinical trial depots to a total of 11 worldwide and providing cost-effective logistical access to two continents critical to the global pharmaceutical industry.
Defibrotide is an investigational drug that has been granted Orphan Drug status by the U.

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