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in criminal procedure, the elucidation of those circumstances of a criminal case necessary for arriving at the correct decision. Soviet law distinguishes between preliminary and judicial investigation.

Preliminary investigation, a basic form of inquiry, is an important stage in a criminal case. Begun after the initiation of the criminal case, it includes investigatory actions for the purpose of collecting and verifying evidence, presentation of the charges, the selection of a measure of restraint, actions to protect the legal interests of the accused, the victim, the plaintiff, and other participants in the trial, and actions to remove the causes and conditions contributing to the crime. The preliminary investigation comes to an end, within a period established by law, with the drawing up of a bill of indictment or a decree on termination of the case (see also).

Judicial investigation is a stage in the trial, during which a court of the first instance, in formal judicial session, makes a direct investigation of the evidence; that is, it verifies the evidence gathered in the preliminary investigation and inquiry and gathers and verifies additional evidence. Judicial investigation is autonomous; it is a multifaceted and objective analysis—with direct, open, and oral proceedings and equal procedural rights for all participants in the trial—of all the case’s circumstances significant for arriving at a just and legal decision.

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A process conducted for the purpose of accident prevention which includes the gathering and analysis of information, the drawing of conclusions, including the determination of causes and, when appropriate, the making of safety recommendations (ICAO).
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In his welcome address at a two-day conference titled "Investigation Training Working Group" organised by Sindh Police at a hotel, the IGP said that all out efforts were being made for improving the overall affairs of policing in the province.
Police said 7,255 cases were under investigation till May 29; however claiming that the figure has been reduced to around 4,500 cases now.
He said that the recent violence will only hamper the progress of the investigations. (Colombo Gazette)
Background investigations are critical to addressing Insider Threat because it is the thorough vetting that occurs during a background investigation that moves an individual from not having access to national security information to having access to our most sensitive information.
Inspector Zulfiqar Ali from investigations headquarters was posted as investigations in-charge of the Factory Area, Inspector Noorul Hassan as investigations in-charge Shahdara, Inspector Muhammad Shamim Paul as CIA staff, Inspector Muhammad Shafqat Loan from as investigations in-charge Garhi Shahu, Inspector Imtiaz Hussain as investigations in-charge Missri Shah, Inspector Munawwar Hussain as investigations in-charge Shadbagh, Inspector Imran Khan as investigations in-charge Lytton Road, Inspector Hafiz Muhammad Attique as investigations in-charge Millat Park and Inspector Nabi Baksh was posted as investigations in-charge Green Town.
Chairman NAB directed the officials to complete the 161 inquiries and 47 investigations in NAB Lahore, 173 inquiries and 119 investigations in NAB Karachi, 105 inquiries and 26 investigations in NAB KP should be completed within 10 months, however, all works should be done on transparent manners.
According to reporter, he expressed sorry for not complying with court's order regarding investigations of the issue and said that Court had ordered investigations on Nov 27 and parliamentary committee was established on July 25th, 2014 for electoral reforms.
Investigations alone are not reportable to the data bank, but actions taken by doctors during investigations are.
Silos for Compliance/Regulatory Investigations versus Legal Advice
Due to the successes of their fraud cases AG Investigations is expanding their operations and have developed two new programs to assist the fight against insurance fraud.
Barka : The Investigations and Criminal Investigations Department of the Royal Oman Police has apprehended an Asian suspect in Al A'Sawady in the wilayat of Barka.

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