Investigative Actions

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Investigative Actions


in Soviet law, actions for the purpose of gathering and verifying evidence. Investigative actions are carried out by an investigator, an agency of inquiry, or a court under procedures set forth by law. They include interrogation, confrontation, the attachment and confiscation of correspondence, search, investigative viewing and the examination of real evidence, the presentation of persons and objects for identification, investigative experiment, and the attainment of samples for comparative study.

Investigative actions are regulated by law, which takes into account the special features of each type of evidence. As a general rule, investigative actions are carried out after the initiation of a criminal case, except for viewing the scene of the crime, which may be carried out prior to initiation. During inquiry and preliminary investigation, investigative actions are carried out by the agency that has jurisdiction over the case or that has been specially assigned to the case. Once a trial has begun, only the court hearing the case may carry out investigative actions. No one other than the investigator, the person making the inquiry, the procurator, and the court itself is legally empowered to carry out investigative actions.

Investigative actions carried out by the investigator, the person in charge of the inquiry, or the court should be distinguished from expert examinations and inspections, which are carried out by other persons by order of the court or investigator.

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Investigative actions regarding the case are underway.
'We had independently launched intensive investigative actions against the infamous Yahoo yahoo boys culminating in various strategic raids and onslaught on their hideouts.
After having conducted some investigative actions at about 9:30 pm he was returned to the detention center, the press service said.
An investigative team consisting of experienced and professional employees of the Military Prosecutor's Office has been created and investigative actions have been initiated.
"After examining the evidence in the case, the completion of the investigation and the analysis of the investigative actions that are yet to be carried out, the Military Advocate General believes that at this time there is no reasonable chance of convicting Kattousa.
His main protagonist is realistic and believable in every step of his investigative actions and setbacks; but so are characters he interacts with; from his boss Zip to a final service which holds some big surprises.
In its response, the Chinese Embassy in Nairobi through director of Communication Zhang Gang said the Embassy fully respects the investigative actions taken by the Kenyan authorities according to Kenyan laws.
Richardson fared no better in his assertion that even if the state enjoys absolute prosecutorial immunity, it would not apply to investigative actions prior to his indictment.
A spokesman for the committee said: "All suspects are detained, and relevant investigative actions are carried out to establish the circumstances of the crime and to choose the type of detention."
Today, on the site where the incident took place, investigative actions were taken, samples were taken from the pavement.
"Our investigation was completed in June 2017 when we concluded from the evidence available that the police did not have enough to substantiate the allegations at that time, and that the investigative actions taken by police were reasonable and proportionate under the circumstances.

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